2022 - Cosmic web connects all & everything

A new cycle of the year starts at Samhain...

We walk the path of autumn through fallen leaves and misty days to a new cycle of the year, starting at Samhain. Sweeping away what no longer serves we are refreshing ourselves, preparing for what comes next.

Halloween falls on 31 October. Meanwhile, the true cross-quarter day happens on or near 7 November.

A focus for Samhain

No one has stepped forward to host a Samhain get-together, thus there is no plan to hold a face to face celebration. However, a theme has emerged.....

This Samhain there is an energy that seems to be linking the earth and cosmos and our part in the whole more strongly than ever.

Pat has shared:

The Cosmic Web Connects… All Beings. All Times. All Places. All Realms.

The Cosmic Web Connects… Every Body. Every Thing. Every Time. Every Place. Every Realm.

The word 'cosmos' represents the many connections between the existence of humans, the existence of Earth and the existence of the Earth in the universe. This brings in the notion of stellar as well as solar time keeping.

The Cosmic Web by Pat

I can’t speak for everyone, only myself.

My feelings, my emotions, my experiences, my thoughts are all unique to me. My hopes, my dreams, my despair, my ecstasy, my gains, my losses are like no one else’s ever in the history of the universe, yet they are yours too because the Cosmic Web Connects all Beings, Things, Times, Places, Realities, Realms and Dimensions. What better time to consider all of this than Samhain, the Ancient Festival celebrated at the end of what we call October, when it is said that the veil between our reality and others is at its thinnest?

The Journey

I’ve recently heard of several people who spent years travelling the world in search of answers about the great mysteries of life and the vast majority of them discovered that whatever answers they found could also be found at home, be that Ireland or elsewhere. This doesn’t surprise me one bit because it is my belief that those answers may be found wherever in this universe a person is – and that’s the key, the person themselves. For THAT is where the answers lie – within oneself.

This is what many legends, stories, traditions and even religions tell us – the hardest, longest, and most rewarding journey that any of us can undertake is the journey within to find enlightenment. Joseph Campbell recognised this and spoke of the Hero with a thousand faces in which he tells us that almost ALL the famous traditional stories of a Heroic Journey – from the great religious texts to Star Wars and more – refer to the Epic journey within where one must face one’s deepest fears head on and continue until one emerges with a degree of Enlightenment - or at least what we call these days Peace of Mind. Not everyone achieves this, indeed modern society seems to be hell-bent on preventing people from even starting this journey with its myriad of distractions. Just look at how much of our time is spent on things like inane TV programmes, social media, “Retail Therapy”, round-the-clock (bad) news, chasing materialistic goals and more and more and more – always more, never enough. This is sometimes known as the “Rat Race”, as we scurry around searching, wanting, hunting…like... rats.

It was Covid that made ME think about all of this, with its Isolations, Lockdowns, Illness, Deaths. With it’s shutting down of everything we were used to, like work, school, shopping, entertainment. I found myself reading a lot. And walking. And thinking. Which certainly wasn’t the worst experience, I can tell you. I managed to read Joyces Ulysses (based on another Epic Saga), among other things and I ended up missing certain things terribly and other things not at all. Interestingly, what I missed most were things that essentially don’t cost much money like a walk on the beach, meeting with friends for a coffee, hugging people, visiting family or weekly group meditations, while I DIDN’T miss things like aimlessly walking around shops, being stuck in traffic, staring at a TV for HOURS, listening incessantly to (bad) news and scrolling forever through social media (those last 3 I could’ve done but actively chose not to).

You may be wondering what all of this has got to do with the Cosmic Web and Samhain? Bear with me my friends and read on…

Since the whole Covid thing, I’ve noticed changes in myself. I’ve noticed changes in others too – in society in general actually – but as I said at the beginning, I can’t speak for everyone, only myself. So, these changes, these sometimes ever-so-subtle sometimes in-your-face changes, what are they? Let me elaborate…

Since Covid I have:

Changed Jobs - Read more books in two years than in the previous 15 before that - Taken up a new hobby (photography, more on that later) - Treated myself to a (bloody expensive!) new guitar - Done a three-day pilgrimage & fast - Been abroad 4 times - Lost my Mother (& didn’t completely lose my mind) - Gone to Counselling numerous times (Recommended to everyone) - Saved money - Spent money - Got a new bathroom - Got a new garden Shed - Renovated my Bedroom - Made Plans for the future

Now most of these things, it could be argued, are simply normal things one might do at any time but they’re not normal for me and that’s the point. There have been other subtler, personal changes I’ve noticed too that I don ‘t need to share here but the point is that there HAVE been major changes for me in my attitude to life in general. (And death, but that’s another story).

Thich Nhat Hanh said “The only way out is in” and I’ve gone in, big-time. I’ve been thinking, properly THINKING without losing my mind or driving myself to despair and the more I delve into my psyche, the more I think about things, the less I have to think about things. Life is for living and I’m finding lately I’m doing a lot more living – possibly because of all the thinking I engaged in. I’ve thought about Covid and its effect on society in general. It may seem that after the lockdowns and the mask-wearing was lifted society was in a massive hurry to get right back to where we were before, but I don’t think we can (or should) resume as if nothing happened at all. There’s been so many deaths, illnesses, disruptions, heartache, mental issues and more attributed to the whole Covid pandemic event that I don’t believe things can ever be the same again – and I also think this could be a blessing in disguise.

For starters I’ve changed my priorities in life and although I stopped focussing on money and “stuff” and instead concentrated on what’s really meaningful to me – simple things, nature etc, I found the “stuff” was taken care of anyway. If more people were to start to think like this (& I think they are), then I think society as we know it will change for the better. Not a major revolution mind, just subtle, almost imperceptible changes - but good changes nonetheless.

Now before I’m accused of being an airy-fairy New-Ager with a tenuous grip on reality, let me acknowledge that for sure there are terrible things going on in the world and while I’m hoping those things are the death-throes of the old patriarchal, materialistic-driven societies of the past, death-throes that could last an awful long time given those societies have been in the ascendency for a few thousand years, I actively choose to focus on the more positive things that are going on in the world. They are there, although you must dig a bit to find out about them because as we know, good news doesn’t really sell these days.


Did you ever think of someone you haven’t seen in ages, and they call you or you bump into them very soon after? Have you heard about the scientific experiment that detects “something”, (they’re not sure what “it” is yet, but it seems to be related to a global consciousness of sorts), in the immediate aftermath of major traumatic global events? Ever hear about clocks stopping (my grandfather) or falling off a wall (my mother) around the time a loved-one passed away? Coincidence? I personally don’t believe in coincidence; I think they are Synchronicities. I think that’s the Cosmic Web at work.

I’m not going to go into Quantum physics theories here or how what they are discovering currently in that field could be said to be referenced in ancient texts but suffice to say that modern science is changing the way scientists are looking at what we call reality. The main reason I’m not going into it, by the way, is because I know little or nothing about it! There’s plenty of reading material out there if anyone is interested.

Speaking of Reality, I mentioned earlier that I’ve recently taken up photography and that’s a real eye-opener when it comes to perceiving reality. I have taken several photographs of the same subject with different settings on my camera and the results are astounding. Depending on how fast the shutter opens and closes, or how much light the camera receives, the same scene can literally look like night and day. Similarly, depending on the viewing equipment being used, the world at large looks completely different, be that equipment a camera, human eyes, insect eyes, bird, or animal eyes, all of which “see” the same scene completely differently. That said, who is to say which “reality” is the most authentic? Aren’t they all? If an elephant can sense a thunderstorm a hundred miles away, a bird can have polarised vision, other animals can see on an ultra-violet level, what else is possible?

So many questions, so little time. So, may I make a suggestion at this juncture? To save you all the anguished thinking and ruminating, the over-thinking and under-thinking (and to save you a fortune in counselling fees !), I’ve done it all for you and here’s my conclusion:

Let it all go, go with the flow, don’t rule anything in or out, live life to the fullest you possibly can, don’t sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff), meditate, and tune in to the Cosmic Web.

Happy Samhain.

Pat Farrell, Ireland, October 2022.

Awakening of the Pilgrim

Wood engraving by an unknown artist appears in Camille Flammarion's 1888 book L'atmosphère : météorologie populaire - The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology.

Nora M at the Hill of Ward (Tlachtga)
Merlin has the right idea - stay indoors
Jackie's blackberries added a special something... Martin wouldn't trust the mushrooms...
but enjoyed the last fruits of Autumn.
Last chance blackberries.

The puca comes to piss on them on Halloween to make them poisonous to eat... almost in a role reversal of the dew falling on St. Brigit's Eve.

Samhain blessings to you all in 2022 by Bernadette Mac

Hi everyone, have been guided to write a piece on my experience this year, Samhain, Halloween, and All Souls night, and tuning into the energy of the cosmic and collective. The year has been a different one for me.

Usually I would get involved with groups or go to a sacred place to mark the festival but for a long time now I've been very much guided to do things alone and stay home. As I write this, what comes to mind is the deep, deep, inner journey I have been doing now for a few years now but in the last year very challenging.

Now there are so many shifts going on and I felt to be gentle with myself and just be at home. It is something I learned over the past 2 and half years, with all that has been going on in our world, that I can do more inner work by just being still. Someone once said it's harder to stay still with the self than run out the door and distract ourselves with world events and you know they were so spot on. Now I'm not saying outer world events are not as healing for our souls because it helped me so much in the past. Getting out meeting like minded people was, and still is, so healing for me on many levels and I am so grateful for that but the time has come to be alone and listen to that inner voice and stop.

And if I did go running out the door to distract myself my body would react by becoming unwell to the point where I was in bed for days and even weeks so I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO LISTEN. Let me tell you it is not easy.

Why am I writing this two days after Samhain? what come to me it is the season of letting go and we see that with nature. Death. Change in the weather - mind you the weather has been a bit strange - thunder and lighting, waves of heat and cold, wind, rain today as I write this and this affects us even if we are not aware of it at the time.

Sometimes after a breakthrough we go "ah I get it now" light bulb moments and yet we have those light bulb moments all the time.

So this brings me back to the night of Samhain and how I marked the events this year. By bringing the light into my home by lighting lots of candles lite my fire and taking the solar lights from my garden and putting them indoors. Yes they do light up for a few hours when the sun goes down. It is so magical. as I set my intentions for the night and connected to the cosmic and collective and to the loved ones and ancestors.

Of course, this was done after all the trick and treaters who called to the door, which I was not expecting on a very cold wet windy night but they called and I had fun with them and how much they were enjoying getting the treats. Ssome even did tricks if I asked but I was very aware of the weather and gave then a treat when asked. This also played a part in my meditation later on that night when all was quiet. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of kids that were dressed as superheroes, unicorns, and fairies, with rainbows painted on their faces. Yes there were witches dressed in white hats as well as black and lots of Harry Potter outfits. Mmmmm.... I thought what are the children trying to teach us? and a lot wore glow sticks. It was like they lit up the estate with their magical imagination. It was so heartwarming to watch and came into my quiet time afterward.

As I sat by my fire, to connect to all I knew were doing the same, my cat joined me. Sat by fire I just watched the flames dance my thoughts going to the kids and then to the loved ones and ancestors. A thought came to me that someone said we are all breaking the chain of past hurts and trauma. The cosmic energy at this time were very powerful, as there has been so much cleansing going on not only with the self but with the collective, and this week the up and coming to the lunar eclipse the energy it is very intense.

So that is why I have been so quiet and gentle with myself. I thought about my loved ones and what have I learned from them, parents and grandparents, as they play a big part in our healing as well as Samhain. I guess it gives us a chance to heal being aware of them as they are remembered on All Souls night and the veil being thin. I have been dreaming about them or are they dreaming about us?

I wondered if are they asking us to heal their pain so they can also move forward. They were not only brave but vulnerable as well and I'm sure they passed away with unfinished business. I asked myself have they asked me to heal their pain along with my own. We do take on their stuff without knowing it. Are our children and grandchildren asking us to tap into the hero within ourselves and channel that energy moving forward, and the healer and lightworkers? And our ancestor's warriors, and healers. What I have been told is they were also brave and vulnerable. Are we healing their stuff as well?

I know over the past few years I've become aware of this by saying that I was not going to leave this world leaving trauma and pain behind for my grandkids to carry, even though I know their path is set for them, but I would like to think I would have left behind one small act or word to help them moving forward in their life.

Just like when we say: "if I can help one or more in this lifetime then my job here is done".

Again Samhain is a perfect opportunity to reflect on this, so all our loved ones in spirit and here can benefit in some small way.

That was my experience for Samhain this year. I connected to the cosmic and collective and to the ancestors and loved ones and feel some of what I have written has also come from them. After all, they are in our DNA, and just a thought away.

May you all be blessed with healing, and love, as we let go and move forward on this Samhain 2022.

Bernadette McDonald

On 7th November Martin...

Under the Samhain full moon I had a mini bonfire.

I called in the directions, blessed the fire,and burnt paper inscribed with blocks I'm clearing. Then jumped the flames to leave behind and start the year with a clean slate.

Then I wrote what I wanted to manifest and burnt this too but this time energising it with the flame. Then put out a spirit plate remembering departed friends, family and pets. Felt really good.

If you just smile... by Daniela

As all species humans are meant to evolve and there are moments in time when this evolution seems to be pushed to the limit like it has been in the recent past. Like many others I have had enough time to reflect on myself and on life in general and I have grown fond of doing so. It is said that what we see on the outside is a reflection of what is in the inside and although this is debatable, in my opinion, I do recognize there is "good" and "bad" within me, which could explain why it is pretty easy for me to see both the positive and the negative everywhere around me.

Due to this I observe that there is an overlaying cynicism and a prevalent attitude of indifference in the general population. People seem to care less about things such as providing a good service... a human service (i.e. at restaurants, stores, and even doctors!). Apathy maybe is a better word to describe what I see. Whereas in the past most people were in general kind, with always one or two grumpy ones every now and then, here and there, now it seems to be the other way around (a predominant bunch of ill-mannered individuals making the kind ones look truly exceptional). Yes, yes, yes it is difficult times in many ways (most ways if you will!), but it should serve our evolution, not the opposite! Self-centeredness is in part what brought us to this point and remaining in this same mindset will not do us any favour. It is, indeed, key to look inside and get to know ourselves deeply... as deeply as we can, but we should also be capable of focusing on the outside, the community, our human fellows and treat each other with kindness, consideration, respect, compassion, and love. We are together on this journey whether we know or don't know the names of each and all of us. To quote another text written for this occasion: It is a Cosmic Web.

My belief is that in the same way as the apathy has grown like an avalanche, we can reverse engineer that and by smiling at each other (whether it is literally a smile or a kind gesture), we can again raise the vibration of the Earth.

Last year´s contribution was about leaving the past behind and I am still standing on that same position about it. The heavy weight, bad memories, mistakes, etc... of the past must remain in the past. The only things we should keep from all of that are the LESSONS. The lessons so that we can evolve together gracefully as human race. It can all start with a simple gesture such as a smile.

My invitation to you on this Samhain is to look back for a second, smile and wave good-bye to the past and then... when you are ready look around and appreciate all the blessings and smile and then... on an ongoing basis smile at each other, because a smile helps us to heal, it brings hope, it reminds us that we are not alone and that we are on our way to a better place. Let's challenge darkness and get across it with a warm smile.

Happiest Samhain! 🍁🍂🎃

Nora J writes about the Rising at dusk of the Pleiades

Staying in Snowdonia, Wales, my connections were on the ethers as there was neither internet nor mobile phone connection. As Martin pointed out, Samhain energies are different in different landscapes.

Samhain: Rising in the Evening The acronychal rising (around the autumnal equinox to winter solstice), the cluster rises in the eastern sky after sunset. This movement marks the triumph of night over day. It is the beginning of the time of year that is ruled by the moon. The cluster of stars are seen rising in the eastern sky as the sun's light fades in the evening. On a clear frosty November night is the best time to see them. These stars were an opening into the Otherworld and thus associated with festivals celebrating the ancestors and remembering those who had died. They herald winter, shining from dusk until dawn between late October and early April.

Read more here - Pleiades Celebration - Rising and Culmination

21st November 2022 - World Hello Day

The culmination, when the cluster of the Pleiades is at the highest point of the sky, occurs at midnight on 21st November. It is a highlight in the theme of the month, the strong presence of other realms and the possibilities of connecting to them.

Perhaps it is fitting in this time of Connection that 21st November is World Hello Day. Since 1973, when there was conflict between Israel and Egypt, this response to bring people together has been promoted. The aim is to greet a 'Hello' to 10 people today. It is good day to be inspired, as Daniela is ... if you just smile ... 21st November - World Hello Day