Stepping out of the Shadows into the Light - Samhain meditation 2020

Hi Everybody, welcome to Tara celebrations on Samhain for 31st of October 2020. Time to tune in - 6pm. The Theme is Stepping out of the Shadows and into the Light.

And it's also a full moon and it's in Taurus and it's the 2nd full moon in October so we have so much going on this year for Samhain.

The focus point is the graveyard on the hill of Tara just inside the gate to the left where 3 trees stand towards the north east. Moonrise is also to the north east so that is our focus point.

Samhain is a time where the veils are very thin and it gives us an opportunity to ask for help and guidance from our loved ones and ancestors and also to help them cross over peacefully. It is otherwise known as Halloween and yes, a time when the veils are the thinnest making it ideal for you to sit quietly wherever you are and connect to your ancestors.

Before you tune in I invite you to set up your space wherever you are - an altar, your garden, somewhere in nature where you live close by. I will be smudging the space, lighting a candle and calling in the directions at 6.10pm and a minute silence before we start to go into our space for Samhain.

So let us begin....

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Do this 3 times.

Feel your feet firmly on the ground on Tara, at the trees. See roots from the base of your spine go deep into the earth to keep you safe and grounded.

As you are in the shadows of the trees ask yourself:

"what shadows do I hold in my body, life"


"am I ready to let it go"

Just like our loved ones and the leaves on the trees, it's a perfect time to do so. If it feels right for you at this time ponder on this for a moment.

1. ask yourself what aspect of my shadow self needs light shining on it right now.

2. what is holding me back from moving forwards?

3. What actions do I need to take to help me nurture and explore this aspect of myself?

4. What secret message does my inner soul system have for me?

As you explore these questions take a deep breath and then let them go, asking for help and support from our loved ones and the ancestors, guides and guardian Angels and power animals.

Now bring you attention towards the top of your head.

Look through the leaves on the trees, which are the colour yellow, and bring the light of the full moon down towards your heart.

It is time now to step out of the shadows and into the light, still connected to the earth and the heavens as well with the light of the full moon.

Bring your hand up to your heart in a cup like position. Just a few inches from your heart chakra. See the colour yellow fill your hand and the light of the moon.

As the colour yellow meaning in the chakra system is all about self-esteem and confidence, personal power, the colour yellow represents the ability to tap into a thousand suns and moons, and give you strength. Do this now and pause for a moment.

Now put your hands on your chest, gently, on your heart and think of our ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over.

See them standing by your side and all around you, supporting you, whispering to you words of wisdom.

We embark into the winter time and get ready for the dark evenings ahead. Know that there is some light within you and around you, in places we create, like a full moon, an open fire, a setting sun, and a starry night.

Hold that image in your mind and feel the light shine in you and around you and spread that light out into the world, to all there is, all the time letting the wisdom of our ancestors observe gently in our souls, all the time focused on the breath.

Now think of someone you know in the spirit world. Have they come to help you and guide you?

Have they given you a message or gift?

Have you a question to ask them?

Or maybe they have a question for you?

Sit quietly for a moment to ponder on this, all the time focused on the light around you, the support and the breath.

With your eyes still closed, breathing deeply, think about who you are and what you are made of. Know that everything within you is the sum of all your ancestors from thousands of years ago. Generations of people have come together over the centuries to create the person you are now.

Think about your strengths - as well as your weakness - and remember they came from somewhere.

This is a time to honour the ancestors who formed you.

Say you name aloud -

My name is "...." (Bernadette Macdonald). I invite you to do the same....

I am son / daughter of "...." and so forth.

If you happen to meet a certain ancestor during this meditation, take a moment to thank them for stopping by. Take note of what was said or done, or any wisdom or information they have given you. Even if it does not make sense just now, it may later when you give it some more thought.

Think about all the people you have come from, whose genes are part of you.

Some great people, some maybe not. But the point is they all belong to you. They have helped shape and create you. Appreciate them for what they were, with no expectations or apologies, but know they are watching over you.

Now it's time to bring the mediation to a close but, just before we do that, bring your focus to your hands on your heart, filled with love and light and face them out towards the surrounding area, out to the earth, to the seas and forests, to the rivers and lakes, to the towns and cities, to the animal kingdom and to all the humans on our planet, for healing, for the higher good of all.

Now bring the focus to your feet, firmly on the ground and the top of your head, to the light of the moon. Breathe deeply and give yourself a hug. Move your fingers and toes, stamp your feet, rub your hands together, open your eyes, and step out of your shadow and into the light.

Stay grounded, stay strong, and most of all stay safe.

Love and light to you all on this Samhain Celebration.

Bernadette Mac