2020 - Stepping out of the Shadows into the Light - Tara / home

It was thought this would be done online and live but that did not happen due to technical problems.

So many internet cliches this weekend!

Everyone was asked to tune in sharing the energy through the Global Spiritual Wheel.

Global Spiritual Wheel - Connect

Wherever you are and whatever you do to mark this season may you be happy, healthy and blessed.

Tuning in at a distance can be a rewarding experience, and those 'in person' always say they were aware of others, as well as the ancestors, guides and guardians.

Pat has explained this perfectly:

For those tuning in at a distance a non-denominational, universal lattice of spiritual inter-connecting love.

To build up each day right up to the weekend, the 31st, the Host posted a card for the day from the Shaman Oracle deck.

The first card was the The Hunter of Mystery who stands in the Shadows to emerge into the light...

The full text for each card can be read here
All Hallow's Eve moon - 30th October 2020.

...and it's also a full moon and it's in Taurus and it's the 2nd full moon in October,

so we had so much going on this year for Samhain.

Preparation Plan

The Host greeted everyone the last week in October with her plans for the coming event....

"Hi Everybody, welcome to Tara celebrations on Samhain for 31st of October 2020.

The Theme is Stepping out of the Shadows and into the Light.

Sharing our celebration with the Global Spiritual Wheel. Intention, energy and spirit. Heart to heart. "

She suggested to get into the spirit of Halloween we might get the urge to dress up and also light a lantern for the event. It was to tune in together with the energy of the light.

The focus point was the graveyard on the Hill of Tara, just inside the gate to the left, where 3 trees stand towards the north east. Moonrise was also to the north east so that was our focus point.

Before you tune in I invite you to set up your space wherever you are - an altar, your garden, somewhere in nature where you live close by.

I will be smudging the space, lighting a candle and calling in the directions at 6.10pm and a minute silence before we start go into our space for Samhain.

I call in the sprit of the north, south, east and west and ask the ancestors and loved ones in the spirit world to join in and ask for their guidance and support as we celebrate Samhain and the energy of the full moon.

Join in the meditation

- the script is here... Stepping out of the Shadows into the Light - Samhain meditation 2020

The Directions and Circle was closed - 6pm Dublin time on 1st November 2020.

Samhain Prayer

The veil grows thin at the time of the dead,
As we honour our long-gone ancestors,
In whose footsteps we tread.
Life retreats into the bulbs and roots,
The time has passed for the flowers and fruits.
As leaves fall thick and carpet the ground,
The Dark Mother waits, in silence profound.
Now is the time for the apple feasts,
Time stands still for humans and beasts.
Seek the wisdom of days gone by,
To deal with the past and let it lie.
Face your shadow and accept your faults.
Look now to the future to seek your results.

Susan in Co. Dublin

...took this photo of the Full Moon off God's Eye, aka Inis Mac Neasáin or Ireland's Eye and lit lanterns at home.

Navan, Meath, and North Carolina

Friends dressed up and put on masks....

Susan B-J in North Carolina lit her lantern and Martin in Galway created this Jack O Lantern "for the time we are in"...

Eastern Ireland

Lanterns connectd to the energies and lit up the homes of Jackie and Pat.

Daniella in Iceland

.... shared her lanterns.... and a prayer at the Monday Meditation on 8th November.

May Love Heal our World prayer

To the earth. To the collective human race.

So the intention of today's Meditation is to guide you through a prayer that will help you send healing and loving energy out into the world so we can colletively shift out of darkness and live in the light....

Feel the warmth inside of you, gathering around your heart, charged with a DEEP desire to heal.

Send your love, compassion, kindness, empathy, your healing prayer to this sphere of light.

See it as it gets charged with your love.

This ball of light lives in your heart and now it's time to give it to the world.

As you see yourself shining your light, you hear yourself silently say these words:

May love heal our world.
May we all choose kindness and compassion.
May those who are sick, heal.
May those who are anxious find peace.
May those who are in pain be relieved.
May those who have light to spread come forth.
May those who have darkness in their hearts find love.
May the individual and collective fear be washed away.
And may the light inside of you radiate out onto the world and every being who is a part of it.
May the light inside of you and inside of all of us together heal our world.

Dan 8th November 2020

Marta in Zurich

...greeted and blessed our ancestors and especially those we loved dearest and miss the most. Until we meet again. 💕❤️💕

The moon hangs over the city - the cross stitch was made Dana

Molly in Pacific North West

Thanks for letting us share this fabulous fallen leaf heart created by her daughter as a present.

Kate and Mike in Nova Scotia

.... visited The Dingle during the week. Luckily they caught the cool, crisp autumn colours... it snowed and was -5 degrees the following week

Nora J in Derbyshire

Woke up this morning wondering how to honour the ancestors and remembered Marta teaching us at a Samhain get together on Tara about the knotted cord of the witches ladder... and on another occasion at the Well also making a knotted cord in memory of the ancestors.

So that is what I have done this morning. Using a ribbon put out at Imbolc. Will keep it through the day and unknot the cords tonight, thanking and blessing them all and releasing the connections so that we can all move forward into the next cycle. NJ

As well as lighting a candle lantern I made this paper lantern, remembering that we are all family, we are all related.