2019 - Celebrate Samhain - Fourknocks

Thanks to Jackie, Pat and Susan for sharing some photos of the day.

Here is the entrance and a possible face in the stones?

As Susan says:

'Even when the dark is on the way, there is always some brightness to be seen'

Susan's impressions and comments on the afternoon in Fourknocks

On a chilly Saturday a few hardy souls gathered at Fourknocks.

Saturday 2nd November was an appropriate day to acknowledge Samhain - a cross quarter day, midway between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice and the end of one Celtic year and the start of a New Year… the magical aspects of Saturday include endings, and reminds us of the start of drawing in and taking time to reflect on what has passed and give ourselves space to renew for when the light returns.

It is also the time when the veil between worlds are thinner and so it’s easier to feel the presence of spirits, those who have gone before us.

Loretto, Nora, Jackie, Pat, Jaume, Susan all entered the welcoming space, opened the circle placing our glowsticks and candles to create the centre.

We were soon joined by a few cyclists who stayed for a while before heading off on their cycle, then two young travellers joined us and a mother and her two young children.

We mentioned the stones being the bones of the earth, holding the memories of the past, with the symbols carved similar to Newgrange.

We meditated for awhile remembering our ancestors, recent and distant, for without them, we would not be here.

We finished with a blessing:

As the light begins to fade, we embrace the dark part of the year. Without the dark, the light is meaningless. May our ancestors look on us favourably and proudly as we honour them here today. May the blessings of Samhain light up your life.

Some retreated to the café for a warming lunch, while a short while later, the rain bucketed down, as if to bless the land.

The Cafe at the Seamus Ennis Centre in The Naul, just down the road from Fourknocks, is a favourite venue for a bite to eat. Seamus was a uilleann pipe player. He was born at Finglas and lived at The Naul. You can read more about him at

When only in his early twenties ... he had compiled for the Folklore Commission the largest ever first hand collection of folk songs in Irish

Global Spiritual Wheel

comments from Zurich - Hill of Tara and An Tobar - Huttoft Beach, Lincolnshire

For those tuning into the seasonal energies, a non-denominational, universal lattice of spiritual inter-connecting love.

Marta in Zurich

Marta shared the Wunjo rune and these words for Samhain. (Wunjo interpretation is allowing and choosing joy.)

Read more here... There is a place for memories, but there is also a place in the here and now - Samhain 2019.

With Wunjo, I choose joy.

I don’t wait for joy to come to me.

I will seek it myself and I will choose it and make it my own.

Hail to my beloved ancestors for having walked with me in the past!

Hail to my beloved ancestors for walking with me in the present!

And Hail to US, for walking in joy in the future!
Bernadette Mac at Hill of Tara and An Tobar

Honoring our ancestors on Samhain at the fairy tree on the Hill of Tara, Sunday the 3rd of November.

As myself and Amy walked to the fairy tree to drum for healing for ourselves, loved ones near and far and these who are no longer with us but are always there in spirit, a beautiful mist came over the land, surrounding us in a blanket.

There was a sense of knowing from both of us the fairy tree was the place to be.

When we got there we noticed a hat on the tree which I believe to belong to JP who is no longer with us. Also the tree is splitting in half but still very much alive as there were little red berries on it and a few leaves left on both sides. We thought 'death and rebirth'.

We settled and Amy started to drum as I called in the directions and help from our ancestors. There was a great sense of peace. From the distance we heard a donkey. We both laughed. We held the space for healing on all accounts and when we were done we talked about our experience in the healing and mediation. We felt like the fairy tree... the world is splitting but very much alive and connected with everything that is happening.

We sat again and did more drumming for healing on the planet, for the higher good of all.

As we finished the mist had cleared on the Hill but was still seen way out in the distance.

We walked down and had some food, hot home made soup, to warm us up.

We then went to the well to light a candle and make wishes for ourselves, for the higher good of all.

When we were walking back to our cars to say Good-by the mist became very thick but so magical looking.

It was a beautiful ceremony and very much needed on the day.

Many blessings,Bernadette and Amy.

Below is a video of the Holy Well at Tara, taken by Bernadette on the afternoon of 27th October 2019.

She remembers our ancestors and the new beginnings as we are start a new phase on Tara Celebrations with our anniversary coming up on 5th November.

On 28th October 2019 she re-visited the labyrinth at An Tobar and remembers the early days of Tara Celebrations.

Nora at Huttoft Beach, Lincolnshire

We arrived at the beach just as the Gathering started in Fourknocks. Sitting in the car a strong breeze blew rain against the windscreen, grey clouds hid any chance of a horizon view and grey white churning surf surged up the beach.

We had been at the same place last year for the Samhain link up. Then there were dogs cavorting on the beach, sun and shadows. This year we experienced a different aspect of the energies of Samhain as the misty veil wove over the sands.