31st January - Bridget’s Eve - Brat Bríd

Written by Anne Newman 31st January 2020

It’s Bridget’s Eve so remember to leave out your Brat Bríd (a strip of cloth/ribbon/scarf/ handkerchief) tonight.

Different areas traditionally use different colours. white, blue green or red flannel.

This can be hung up on the washing line, left on a bush or window sill or tied to the door knocker.

It is said that Bridget wanders the roads at night and blesses the Brat with healing powers.

The Brat is then kept as a healing object and will protect it’s keeper.

This cloth would be used for fertility and for curing headaches or other illness throughout the year. Some say the older it is the more potent it becomes. Others say it should be burned after a year if it has been used for healing.

I leave a cloth out each year and then tear strips off it and give to friends and neighbours. The Brat Bríd will give them protection throughout the year and can be used for healing when needed. These pieces of cloth can also sewn into the clothes for protection.

A piece white cloth about the size of a shawl is left out over night to collect dew is called Brighid's Cloak /Bratach Brid. The dew is thought to have healing properties.

This is set out each year and the Bratach Brid can become quite powerful over time. It is used for fertility and safe childbirth and for healing by placing it over the patient and asking for Brigit's help.

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