2022 - I Witness

While messaging with a friend about the individual experiences, it came to me that we are here to witness. We are in the right place at the right time to interact with what the earth offers.... there is an exchange of energy. Eyewitness - I Witness . Nora J.

Mother's Harvest

The story goes that Lugh's (foster) mother Tailtiu, cleared the land for agriculture for her people and then died from the exhaustion of her efforts. She was buried at what is now Teltown, Co Meath, and Lugh decreed that she should be remembered at this time forever. Being an ancient Irish God (and Tailtiu being one of the Fir Bolg), this request was fulfilled and the Tailteann games and festival were held in her honour.

So on this day, Ist August 2022, the first time in my life that my own later mother's birthday will pass withour her physical presence on this earth, I think it's appropriate that we all think of the sacrifices that our mothers made for us.

Sacrifices made quietly, anonymously and regularly - some that we will never know about. It's time to reflect on Mothers and their incredible contribution to society and the human race in general. (It's not by accident that we refer to MOTHER Earth and MOTHER Nature!)

Of course at this time we also think of the First Harvest (in the Northern Hemisphere) which is important now and was so crucial for our Ancestors.

Our Mother's Harvest is, of course, US and our children and this should also be celebrated.

So at this Lughnasadh time, in the absence of an organised meeting by our group to celebrate the occasion, may I suggest that we individually go to a high place, as is traditional, and reflect on Mothers and the Harvest and our Mother's legacy which is us.

Lughnasadh greeting to you all... and, oh, I nearly forgot...

Happy Birthday Mam. Pat.

Lughnasadh Harvest

from Martin in Galway

Magic happening at Lughnasadh

from Marta in Zurich

Howth Head

from Anne in Ireland

At home in Meath

from Bernadette Mac

The theme for me for Luna was preparing my inner and outer home for the winter months ahead and being grateful for what I have in my life today, and what I can achieve.

Looking after flowers growing in my garden and the work I have done up-cycling old into new. And the same goes for indoors.

It's like I'm preparing for something new coming in the coming months ahead.

I love the autumn time, it's my favourite time of year. It's funny


noticed the spiders coming in already.

I was reading Pat's piece and remembered today is my dad's birthday and it inspired me to write something as he has been on my mind a lot over the last couple of weeks.

In fact since I've started up-cycling stuff in the house and how he did that also and that is where I learned to do a lot of stuff around the house, by watching my dad as a child and how he would paint something old and give it a new life.

And when I was doing the garden and the house he was very much in my mind and seeing how I was repeating all the positive things that I picked up by watching him.

Also it was my cat Merlin that sparked it off. She was watching me every step of the way in the garden and house playing also with every piece of old wallpaper that I pulled down and fairy lights in the garden.

That was my experience of Lughnasadh and also I mentioned the spiders coming in early this year, which some say are the Mothers of the Earth and weave and create beautiful webs.

Like mother earth and her beauty and our own mothers and fathers who created beautiful things from old pieces into a new.

A new life. Rebirth.

These are the new flowers in my garden today that popped up on the day of my dear fathers birthday.

A summer picnic

from Eileen S

Last sunset of summer - Hill of Tara

Garden Abundance

from Pat in Dublin