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With the current Covid restrictions, and concerns about meetings, we will not hold a face to face gathering... join in with the Global Spiritual Wheel from sunset on 31st January to sunset 1st February 2022.

Joining in at a Distance....... Global Spiritual Wheel

Pat has explained this perfectly:

For those tuning in at a distance a non-denominational, universal lattice of spiritual inter-connecting love.

Bernadette set the theme and people bring in the energies of the past, ancestors and our life foundations that flow into the NOW and the NEW.

Bernadette Mac New Moon and Imbolc ceremony

Hi All, welcome to a double celebration on this new moon on the 1st of February 2022 and it's also St Bridget's day, otherwise known as Imbolc.

The start of spring and all new ideas, new growth, planting new seeds for the summer season and also the new moon - so I invite you to celebrate this double event by calling it

The start of a new world and new way of life -

holding the space for the energy birthing through each and every one of you.



Mound of the Hostages, Tara. The sunrise shines into the passageway at Imbolc.

Bernadette Mac in Navan

Had to improvise on St Bridget's Cross. Made it with coloured straws. Laid upon the healing cloth of white and blue.

Large crystals to represent to the new moon, with written intentions carefully thought with a short meditation.

And burned them in my open fire. I felt to bring in a lot of colour. Letting go of the old and embrace the new.

Imbolc blessings to you all tonight. Bernadette mac

Merlin chilling
on St Bridget's cloth, getting herself a bit of healing

Pat shares his insights

on the aspects and our intentions for this celebration....

OK, so here it comes. I have read a lot but I took 3 screen shots with 3 aspects that seem to prevail and I will share them with you. I also add a few points:
  • Because this new moon is in Aquarius, all themes connected are highlighted, such as progressive, (out of the box) thinking, Innovation in our approach to old and new challenges is the KEY.
  • Socialising and brainstorming with like minds is also important, especially during this week (keep those messages coming!). For those who don't like a big amount of messages remember there is the possibility of silencing the conversation for 8 hours or for a week.
  • In Chinese astrology this 1st February starts the year of the Water Tiger. So.... Let your true self roar!!! and get involved with people that are also in tune with their inner self.
2022 - Anne had crosses on her mind as she cooked dinner.

Marta shares Dana's drawing of Brigid

I think the messages right now are (from various areas, sources, etc.) let go of the old, also old (and good and safe) structures, embrace the new.

Seems like an ongoing thing as of course, this is life, but they seem to be coming in for 2022 specifically.

Which can be a difficult process, but it seems to be heading for good things to come.

Today is about manifesting for the future, visualizing, etc....

and then maybe repeat that on 22.02.22?

Month's Mind for Dana - 21 September 2017

A tradition in Ireland, the Month’s Mind, commemorates someone who has died about 30 days after their passing.

This echoes the Wicca tradition that the soul is journeying for the whole cycle of a moon, about 28 days.

click here for more information about the gathering

Many of us knew Dana and have enjoyed sharing sacred and powerful ceremonies as well as just times of being together.

Blessings on her life and support and love to her immediate family and friends.
4knocks 21917g
Bernadette went to the shops and found snowdrops in flower.

Clare at OPW

shares this sign of Spring

on the HIll of Tara, Imbolc Eve.

Eileen S shares a misty wild weather morning at Loughcrew
Bernadette Mac took this photo - do you see the Tiger Cat of the Chinese New Year?

Nora J ponders a New Way at Longstone Edge

Life has definitely changed with the Covid pandemic. We have all adapted to meeting and not meeting as the virus ebbs and flows through our days.

And now Bernadette asks us to consider a New Way. Perhaps we have already arrived at it without realising?

We support each other in community and yet stay apart. We claim our freedom as individuals whilst acting for the highest good of all.

I thought of the Global Spiritual Wheel... linking into all those known and unknown, seen and unseen. We call it Global and yet we are focussing on Imbolc while, in reality, we are at different stages of the seasons around the world.

Knowing the Universal energies and how they play out in our lives, a New Way will emerge as we travel this cycle of the Wheel.

Brat Bhride - blessing the land every St.Brigid's Eve Remember to put a cloth out on 31st January.

Brigid's Cross - origins, examples.

Candles - Brigid's candle

Sharing a candle to bless each individual with light of Brigit, goddess of fire, to invoke the fire in our lives and in our land, using whatever blessing came to mind such as:

“May the fire of Brigit light your way... May the fire of Brigit warm your heart... May the light of Brigit inspire your mind"

Colour - The country of Ireland is often referred to as her green mantle. In legends Brigid symbolically spreads her mantle over part of Kildare and claims the land for herself and for her church foundation. Those on the land come under her mantle, her protection and it is a blessing to be placed faoi bhrat Bhríde sinn (under Brigid's mantle).

Brigid in Ceremony - symbols for the centre focus could include: Brigit patron of Fire in the Hearth (candles),
the brave and bold leader of Spring (snowdrops), fertility (polished egg), mysticism (crystals), Christian and pre-Christian (cross) and healing (Bhrat Bríde).