2021 - Exercising the Goddess Muscle, the Heart - Home

There was a continuity between Winter Solstice 2020 and Imbolc 2021 in that the same person was hosting both.

Due to the continuing pandemic restrictions there were, of course, different arrangements and focus of the energies but the same host sharing two adjacent get-togethers has not happened much in recent years and it might help to check up on the experiences on the 21st December 2020 here .... 2020 - Alignment on Hope - Tara

Read more of the intentions and Order of Ceremony here....

Martin's Imbolc Celebration

I set up the centre using a large pentagram that I had been using to decorate the window for Christmas. The five points representing earth, air, fire, water and ether. It is a symbol of the goddess but also used by early Christians to represent the five wounds of Christ.

I also found some feathers that I used on the doorway for Solstice so used them for “air” and not the seeds as I had suggested in the running order.

I also found a sprig of Rosemary that was also decorating the doorway on Tara and used that as my smudge……. highly flammable and very smoky, but great scent.

The centre was woven as a dream catcher and surprisingly gave me the star shape again in the centre which was completely unexpected. Symbolic of praying in the heart of the goddess and the goddess praying in my heart.

As I said before, the cord was used from the healing circle on Tara for winter solstice.

It reminded me that just by being me, the world and the world flowing through me, is affected for good or ill.

Each strand was pulled into position by the one next to it and ones beyond it, ones it couldn't see.

And yet it's only the 1 unbroken string. The 1 string that forms the goddess pattern.

I wove two types of cross.

The first was the traditional 4 armed Brigits cross...

and the second was the older traditional 3 armed cross representing the goddess as maiden, mother and crone or mother, father and child…. there are many holy trinity's to choose from, all meeting in the centre in unity.

I linked in with all the other celebrators in time and space and felt waves of energy pouring into the planet.

I energised my intention by burning it and adding the Brigidine fire energy of expansion. The intention I energised was the one I used at winter solstice and has already started to manifest.

I had an enjoyable ceremony and felt Brigit's presence for some weeks leading up to February. So wishing you all a Happy St. Brigits Day and a happy spring.

Inspired Verse from Bernadette, NoraJ, Pat, SusanC, Martin and Jackie

Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light, at the frosty threshold when you are reborn, beckons a new life, a new hope, a new dawn.

Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,
I bring healing to all tonight.
For in the morning light,
Your inner fire will burn bright.
Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,
Our greatest joy and happy delight,
your kindly warmth cold bones excite.
We thank you this winter's night.
Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,
May your fires offer guidance to help ease our plight,
May your dew bring us healing, of body and mind,
May your blessing remind us to be loving and kind.
As we raise our faces to the sun
We give thanks for all the work that's done
And still the year has yet to turn
And as you place your healing mantle around us tight
We honour you, Brigid, Imbolg goddess, lady of light.
Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,

Fold your arms around us,

Keep us in your sight,
We honour you, Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,
We pray for your care both day and night.
Keep all your children safe and bright,
always within benign sight.
In our hears we pray you dwell
to keep our spirits safe and well.
Kindle in us your love to play
so that we may relish this your day.
With your fire burning bright,
there is no challenge our hearts can't fight.
Goddess of healing, Goddess of light,
Brigit of Eirann we keep you in sight.

Bright light

Brigit bright.

Brigit might

Brigit mantle

Pat shares pictures of his centre and Bhrat Bhride

and burning in Brigid's fire.

Susan shares her centre....

Daffodils and witch hazel confirm the arrival of Spring

In Switzerland Ela made this beautiful white Brigid's cross and in Co. Meath, little white snowdrops flowered near Newgrange.

Nora in Derbyshire was visited by the local pheasants

The odd thing with the pheasants was that they walked up the garden path at exactly the time the group was in the Banqueting Hall at Winter Solstice and again when I was adding photos etc to website for Imbolc on the Tuesday. Had celebrated up on Longstone Edge for the Monday with buzzards overhead, rabbits munching grass by the car, and other 'oh' moments. Pheasants have always been my key when doing 'spiritual' stuff, getting feathers at Stonehenge, doing Celestine Prophesy experiential - who remembers that?, etc.