Global Spiritual Wheel

Pat has explained this perfectly:

For those tuning in at a distance a non-denominational, universal lattice of spiritual inter-connecting love.

At each get-together those present know they are joined by many others, known and unknown. Whether they are relatives, old friends, those we have never met, all are welcome. Over the years we have suggested that people might like to light a candle as a way of joining in if they cannot attend 'in person', and we know many have done so.

Tuning in at a distance can be a rewarding experience, and those 'in person' always say they were aware of others, as well as the ancestors, guides and guardians. Some send their stories of where they were, or what happened. If you have a photograph or some words to share of your experiences they are all very welcome.

And words of wisdom from Pat:

At Lughnasadh 2019 we identified those joining in at a distance as a connection of folk and called them the Global Spiritual Wheel.

Some of us are extroverts and like to express our energies, and those of the get together, outwardly. The one thing that has been made very clear at Tara Celebrations over the years is that if you feel to sing, dance, meditate, etc. it is from the heart and has nothing to do with performance or pleasing others. And if you want to sit quietly and watch, please feel comfortable with that.

Everyone has their own unique gift to bring to any gathering. Even just their presence is enough to bless the occasion. There is always a reason for everyone to be there, whether active or passive.


And, of course, we are based in the Northern Hemisphere of earth. When the sun is low in the sky and rising in the south east, our winter time, those in the southern lands are basking in the hot days of the summer.

Thus, although we focus on the 'now' energies of our Western European festival we hope that around the globe, those in a different season can join in bringing their balance to complete the day.

We know from the analytics and visitor numbers on our website pages that there are many who do not announce their presence, who join in silently. They are all very welcome.

This is a map of those tuning in to Summer Solstice from 19th to 24th June 2022 - obviously not totally complete as some hide where they are.

The list below gives a flavour of who joined in and sent stories, pictures, verse, sharing their experiences.

Samhain - 2020 - Stepping out of the Shadows into the Light - Tara / home: Navan - Co. Dublin - Eastern Ireland - Galway - North Carolina - Pacific North West - Nova Scotia - Iceland - Zurich - Derbyshire

Winter Solstice - 2019 - Celebrating the Simplicity & Splendour of Life - Tara : An Tobar - Derbyshire - Nova Scotia

Imbolc - 2021 - Exercising the Goddess Muscle, the Heart : many on the Wheel - Switzerland - Derbyshire

Spring Equinox - 2020 -Goodbye and Hello - Donabate : Galway - Derbyshire - Dublin - Donabate - Navan - Portmarnock

Bealtaine - 2020 - Mother Earth - Kilmurry & 'isolation pods' - Fingal - Navan - North Carolina - Lithuania - Zurich - Peak District - Galway

Summer Solstice - 2020 - Together-All One - Tara / Home - Meath - Edinbugh - Sligo - Peak District - Zurich - Galway

Lughnasadh - 2019 - Our Own Harvest Time - Ciaran's Well : Sligo - Derbyshire - Navan

Autumn Equinox - 2019 - Balance - Loughcrew : Navan - Pacific Northwest - Mayo - Trim