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10th September 2022

Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I posted anything about the new and full moon, so was very much guided to write a little piece today the 12th of Sept 2022.

Over the past few months, it has come to my attention that so many have been and are still doing a lot of inner work and are in a very quiet space including myself and very much have been guided to be still in the self ... however, still living life and going about daily chores work, whether it is in or out of the home the inner work was and still is very important and the energy is strong at this time not only around the new and full moon but also in the in-between, The moon phases really highlighted all the inner work and healing.

I have spoken to many who have said to me that they felt not only the strong vibration on the moon phase but the in-between time also, and how old patterns and feelings came to light. But having said that they were in a much better space in life to deal with it and heal it. Being in nature and just being an observer over the last few months has been very much needed for each person I had spoken to it is like we are getting ready to be in a much better place within ourselves.

On this Sept full harvest moon, we give thanks for all we have in our lives as we start a new season of going into the dark nights and on the foot of the autumn equinox which arrives on Thursday the 22nd of Sept 2022. A time of change on so many levels. Which begs the question -

Are you ready for the changes in your life ? Is there something in your life that needs to change? Are there some things in which you have not let go of and why ?

Again these are just suggestions.

Take as much time as you need to heal and let go as it's the time of year to do so. Just look at nature as the leaves fall and the swallows get ready to go on their big journey to return again in early summer like a rebirth.

If we all look at nature and go deep into our hearts nothing is never really gone. I don't know why but the Queen of England just popped into my head as I wrote this and when I think of her I think of how she spent so many years on this earth wearing a crown from a very young age and today her family say goodbye and know she will always be in their hearts and never forgotten.

So look deep within your hearts and find that inner queen or king and wear that crown because we all have it and we don't need to sit in a castle, we can just simply be that in our own homes and soul.

I know it's a couple of days after the full harvest moon but I do feel we are very much still in the energy of it . Find that queen and king within, or even a knight, and heal. Lift your vibration to a level of divine love, know global energies lower vibration, events can rattle our cage. But maybe it's meant to, so we can rise above that and remember who you truly are and why you are here.

It's also come to my attention that rainbows are being seen and photographed as they are spotted relating to the queen. How wonderful is that? what does a rainbow mean to you?

So on this harvest moon, I wish you many blessings and healing, abundance, love, peace and happiness. Bernadette Mac