How can I work with Full Moon?

Golden light of the Full Moon

This beautiful picture of full super moon was taken by Josie Salter in Tasmania in March 2021. Wow, the gold coming from it is so beautiful. I felt to ask her permission to share it on TC the energy of divine love for sure. I could not help but think this golden energy is pouring down all around us in this time of healing. Bernadette Mac

When I do a meditation this is what I visualise in my mind's eye...

... a golden night coming down and surrounding the body.

Crystal Cleansing

On the full moon and new moons I like to leave out my crystals to be energized and cleansed along with my angel cards and some personal items of my choice.

Being 'at Home'

Now is the time to look at whether you are allowing yourself to receive the extraordinary gift of feeling at home wherever you are. Take time to savour it so it can deepen and remain with you.

On the other hand if you feel that the world is out to get you it's time to take a break. Go outside tonight and look at the stars. Even if you can't see them know deep with that they are there.

Connecting to Archetypes

Now is the time to look at whether you are allowing yourself to receive the extraordinary gift of feeling at home wherever you are. Take time to savour it so it can deepen and remain with you.

On the other hand if you feel that the world is out to get you it's time to take a break. Go outside tonight and look at the stars. Even if you can't see them know deep with that they are there.

Write a Letter to Yourself

It's good to write this down or write a letter to your little self, your teenage self, your adult self, even your future self You can burn this letter or maybe keep it and look at it in the next new year and see if you have achieved anything you have written... again these are just suggestions, each to there own.

Inside and Outside the Circle

What I find very helpful for me on a full moon is to draw a circle on a blank page and write in the centre my intentions, and on the outside of the circle what I want to release and let go of.

So maybe doing this may help you also and to do this with a short meditation and to burn the paper in the fire when you are done or at another time when you feel ready maybe as the sun rises or sunset.

Unfinished Business?

Have you unfinished business you need to clear up before you move forward in this new year? Pause for a moment and do that now. Maybe write it down or just say it aloud: "I let go of this or that in my life that no longer serves me"

Letting go of the Old and making Room for the New

Think for a moment of a fiery passion for something you believe in in your life, if whether it be romance, a hobby, getting out in nature, meditating, crafting. Think of what it is that gives you the most pleasure and most reward. Tune into that frequency of feeling good and full of passion. As you step through a new door, as you close an old door behind you you, you bring with you that passion and vibrant energy full of love as you lift your frequency.

Ask yourself:

Where do I need more passion?

What is holding me back from moving forward?

Is it fear of being hurt in love?

If so how can I change that today?

Focus on the light and good feelings.

As you lift your heart and soul to a place you feel comfortable with and just trust that everything is working out for you for the highest good of all involved.

Let go of fear, replace it with love.

Let go of all negative thoughts and self-doubt and replace it with hope, harmony and healing.

So you are being asked to choose all that is good for you on this full moon.

Replace the fear with trust.

Go Outside in the Early Morning

I was just woken up, at about 4.30am'ish, thirsty and decided to go and look outside. The moon was to the right of the house and it was nearly covered but I managed to get a photo of it. I felt a great sense of wonder. I knew others were out and about around the country but, me being in an urban area, I felt like the only soul out taking the photos. My own inner feeling was there was a soul healing and knowing taking place in the early hours of this morning. It was a rare opportunity for me and many others. And for those who didn't see it, I know there was great healing taking place.


Make it simple as they say... Make a list of what you want to manifest and let go of it. Burn it and just let it go.

Make your list if you wish, as we come up to the full moon, and write your own questions to yourself and what changes you would like to see in your personal life, as change starts with the self, and what changes you would like to see in our world, again remembering change starts with the self.

Spread the Message

So lets spread the message of peace, balance, hope, love, change, by all coming together with these energies and positive vibration with the light of the full moon and shine it on the darkest places in our world and from the deepest place of our hearts and send a prayer for the greater good of all.

But first, go within oneself and find a place where you need to forgive and let yourself off the hook detox first so you can stand in a place of light with clear intentions and prayer for all who are in need of it right now.

Bring about kind thoughts, help someone who is in despair and a loss of hope. Let them know you are there to help reach out to one another and to those who feel they are very much alone. Finding the balance is the challenge of this full moon. Remember you are a divine being in a material world.

So I ask you all to share what? spiritual teachings, learnings would have brought you and others peace, love, joy, harmony, healing and balance?

What inspired you the most in your life that brought about change for the better and helped you and others in a time of despair, fear, and unbalances?

What prayer speaks to you the most?

Maybe it's time to forgive?

Have you learned from your experiences?

Most of all, what divine message really touches you right now that you can embody?

As you plant more seeds in your garden plant a seed in the world with the power of prayer and action, no matter how big or small it all make a difference. Let your soul guide you on this full moon in Virgo. So what is your prayer at this time? I leave you now to ponder on this and I would like to leave you with a prayer I would have sung many times in the choir.

Connect to the Earth

I invite you to step out in nature and ground yourself deep into the earth beneath your feet. Take a deep breath and bring the fresh grounding energy of the earth up through your body and up to the light of the full moon, to purify your physical and emotional body.

There is divine energy about. Tapping into that energy and feeling the love, peace, joy and balance and most of all the healing from nature all around you whether it be the sea, a forest, by a lake or deep in the woods, it's always good to stand in your bare feet if you can and let mother earth support you at this time.

Springtime Review

Springtime and the evenings are getting so much brighter and it's a time of birthing of new growth,

Did you plant new seeds in the garden? or in the home ? Did you ask for new ideas and projects on new moon? Have you made changes in your life? If so bring yourself back to the moment of planting the seed of new ideas, or new growth, and look into your life today and see if you have achieved any of these goals, or maybe you asked on another's behalf. No matter how big or small the change is, it matters. It makes a big difference, and seeing your effort come to life is very rewarding.

Springtime Growth

Buds are starting to come alive again, the birds are singing in the evening time, spring is surely here. The evenings are getting brighter so pause for a moment and ask yourself;

'What is it I would like to see grow and flourish in my life this spring?' A little thought for the next coming weeks.... 'What are you grateful for???' Only in gratitude can we make room for more blessings, a time for love, light and healing.

Watch Your Words

Death is a time of letting go and trusting all is as it should be, even if it does not feel that way. To bring in the new we must let go and sometimes it feels so hard... like we say "that would be the death of me" and it is. Have you ever noticed the words we use in our life when we are faced with a challenge and change?

"Oh! that felt like the death of me", "I felt a part of me die", "something inside just died"

We do that without even realizing we are doing it. It just comes naturally

Death is a part of life. I noticed while out walking, where the daffodils were in full bloom were gone but in their place were dandelions. Nature has a beautiful way of showing us the circle of life and death. So on this full moon ask yourself some questions and again, these are just suggestions or maybe you would like to write your own on this full moon tonight.

Do a craft

Decorate an egg? I remember doing this many times in the past for Easter. Boil an egg and set your intentions into it and decorate it with bright colours. You can eat it or bury it, the choice is yours. I was reminded of this last night by a Polish friend whose tradition is to do this every year and thought to share this today and it would be a good way to set your intentions tonight on this pink full moon.

Pink Heart

As it's a pink moon and there are many different stories around it that can really get us caught up in our heads, I invite you to bring the focus on our hearts today. Visualise the colour pink. Hold your hand on your heart and think about someone or a situation you need to let go of and forgive... and breathe 3 breaths. In some cases some may find this hard to do. Then I invite you to bring the focus on the self and forgive oneself, for in doing so you allow for love to come into your heart. Give it time. Don't rush it. Just hold your hand on your heart and breathe.

Watching for Repeated Synchronicities and Coincidences

Maybe the same message is coming up in conversations with people or on tv and radio, are you having a recurring dream that you just can't figure out? Sometimes our dreams are just a way of releasing old energies we are not able to do in our waking life. Trust in the process and maybe write it out to be burned on the night of the full moon.

Have you been seen the same numbers coming up on your phone, car reg or clocks? 222 333 444 and so on? Just don't try to get too caught up on that either, again trust all is well. Sometimes on a full moon when the energy is high it's good to do nothing at all. Again Trust in the process.

Summer Altar

So I invite you to set up a space in your home or out in your garden, whatever is more convenient for you, with a rose quartz crystal and a flower of your choice and sit quietly and tune into that inner voice within you and listen as you bring your hands To Your Heart and fill them with love and healing from your heart chakra - and send healing to all those who need it in our world, to our family and friends, mother nature and the animal kingdom for the highest good of all.

Deep Knowing

On this full Strawberry Moon, Father's Day, Summer Solstice, ask yourself

“Am I keeping my promise to myself, speaking my truth, getting things done???”

Maybe on a deep level we are and cannot see it. Just like the moon behind the clouds, we know it's there, that deep knowing.

So I invite you to say :

See change as a new adventure. There is much abundance, celebrate it.

Helping Others

The energy is about everyone coming together to help one another. This time around it is not about you, it's about helping others. It's a time to use your energy to light up others, use your light and energy, pull up your sleeves and help. Actions speak louder than words.

Is there someone you know at this moment in time that could do with a helping hand and your knowledge and experience? You're not telling anyone how to live their life but you are helping them by showing them how you worked through your fears and got out the other side of it. And the rest is up to them. It's also a time of realization that maybe that job was not for you. Remember helping others is also helping the self, and you are learning all the time. and do it unselfishly.

Inner King and Queen

Look deep within your hearts and find that inner queen or king and wear that crown because we all have it and we don't need to sit in a castle, we can just simply be that in our own homes and soul.

Find that queen and king within, or even a knight, and heal. Lift your vibration to a level of divine love, know global energies lower vibration, events can rattle our cage. But maybe it's meant to, so we can rise above that and remember who you truly are and why you are here.

Base Chakra - Red

As the October moon is a blood moon the colour red brings me to the base chakra, the root. It is about grounding yourself as we work through whatever is needed around this full moon. Maybe wear the colour red or put it around your home, place of work. It will help not only with grounding but healing in your space and surrounding area.

Take time to press the pause button in your life and wait and find balance, stay strong, and staying in your personal space and also remember to do the same for others.

How can I illuminate my fire?

Light a red candle but most of all listen to your gut, your inner voice and guidance. Take this time to ask: Do I feel compassionate ? Do I feel alive? Is my fire burning?

Maybe I need to light my candle from someones else's candle or maybe they need to get a light from mine .... whichever helps and supports all involved. Do so as we all need to support each other at this time in our world.

As it's a time of Samhain on this full moon, I invite you to light your candle of your soul brighter, support each other, so all who need it will see our light and we can illuminate the way, so others can follow but not attach themself to you or you . As I said, respect each others space and journey, but yet have the feeling of support both ways.

Connect to the heart rather than the head and just be in the moment.

Be silent, for silence is golden,

for there is great magic there.