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Moon Phases for Dublin, Ireland.

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The full blue moon is in Pisces on the 30/31st of August 2023.




Get ready for the weeks and months ahead.This full moon is to do with the energy of water. Healing for the self and loved ones. Use healing words, healing thoughts. Are you looking after the self and your health? How do you recharge your energy? We must start with something we don't do enough of. Think about your phone do you recharge your battery regularly and make sure your device is working correctly? Well do the same for the self.Look after yourself first and choose a day of silence

And reset.I was guided to pull a card... Ready, set, go. Now is the perfect time to dive in and embrace your hearts desire.Yes that is what awaiting for you when you reset, recharge your body mind and soul.Peace for our world. Peace starts with you. Have you made peace with your self and others making peace with the self is a very different thing for each of us. But necessary if we want to manifest and generate this in our planet and in our world today and yes, it's not easy. Start with something small - change comes in a way we least expect it. Tap into a peaceful thought even if it is just for a moment, go out in nature, connect to your heart, hold your hand there as you ground yourself Let mother nature bring about peace, healing, love, compassion, and oneness support of the life around us and healing our sense of separation and disconnection from each other, from the cosmos. This full blue moon is helping us come back and remember who we truly are and with the life around us.Remember mother earth is in a transition at this time and this affects each of us stay grounded, stay connected, and Trust. We are supported in ways that sometimes we cannot see but know deep down in our heart and soul that all is well.. A rare opportunity. Once in a blue moon. Use this opportunity to bring about change no matter how big or small.

Full blue moon blessings to you all today Bernadette