2022 - Set Aside - Global Spiritual Wheel

No one stepped forward to host a Bealtaine get-together, partly because of the on-going issues with Covid thus there was no plan to hold a face to face celebration this Bealtaine.

We Set Aside, as suggested by Bernadette in her New Moon article...

"be more in the present moment - set aside, by not setting intentions on this new moon, set aside a time of just being in the moment, do nothing, slow down and it being a start of a solar eclipse it has to do with the senses - hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting, feeling."

A Bealtaine Prayer from Pat

Mother Earth and Father Sky, infuse me with the energies of nature, ignite the fires of my heart and soul so that I may purge them of the burdens of the past. Burn away the diseases of procrastination and anxiety to make room for creative action and calm. Banish self-doubt and despair to be replaced by confidence and hope.

Give me the wisdom of the dandelions who sleep in my garden at night, blossom during the day, grow, flower, die and are reborn by spreading their wind-borne seeds far and wide to start the cycle again. Oh great healing dandelions, share with me the secrets of the earth.

Mother Earth and Father Sky, stoke the furnace of my soul that I may remember what a special being I am. Let me cultivate and nurture the ideas which I planted in spring, may they flourish through the summer and may I reap the bountiful harvest of my endeavours in the autumn.

Cleanse me of the sludge of apathy and let creative juices flow throughout my life. Help me grow, blossom and become the wonderful being I was born to be - a living, giving, soaring, singing, loving being that is as close to Nature and her allies as a new-born lamb is to its mother. Let me not only reach but surpass my potential and may I be a shining example to all who wish to do the same.

Mother Earth and Father Sky, as you call on all the resources of the universe to enable nature to do its magic time after time and enable the cycle of life to continue and flourish, may I call upon you to do the same for me. May all the resources that I need in future and the present be available to me to work my own little bit of magic.

With eternal Gratitude, Love and Wonderment,

Your Conduit,

Pat. Bealtaine 2022

Pat went out to the garden at home

....looking for some guidance/inspiration for Bealtaine....

At first there was nothing going on, nothing coming up except that I realised the grass needed cutting because the garden was full of dandelions....

Actually that wasn't the ONLY thing in my garden, come to think of it.....
There's the wild garlic, with it's lovely flowers that taste like... garlicThe daisies, also closing up for the night.

Daisy heads, when crushed and mixed with oil, are really good for treating bruises - as good as Arnica, some say.
cleaver (aka robin run the hedge, sticky willy) among the garlic...

Can be made into tea or simple marinated in water and drunk.

Really good for clearing the lymphatic system.

Here's how the experts in Nature (& the OPW in the Phoenix Park, Dublin) do it!!

Bernadette in Navan

A little piece of heaven in an urban area down by the river Boyne with grandkids.

I thought it was so peaceful and beautiful to hear the birds chatting away and all the green lush growth knowing that summer is here and everything in nature been just as it's always been. The grandkids were so in tune with it all yesterday and Liela chasing butterflies and we were using our imagination pretending we were in a forest and all the animals and flowers were awakening letting us know summer is here.

The sounds, the smell, the touch of fresh green lush leaves. The trees are no longer bare. There was a beautiful feeling of being surrounded by Nature and even the little stream sounded so beautiful. A few bees were buzzing around. I guess we were using all our senses and connecting to mother nature as summer approaches.

It's just beautiful to see the wonder of nature through children's eyes and reaction, remembering our own childhood and the fun of playing out in the forest or the woods and in nature. That was my experience of the 1st of May - a little bit late but nevertheless summer presenting itself in a beautiful way.

John visited Beltany Stone Circle, Nr. Raphoe

The smell of the furze on the walk up to it was beautiful. Such a heavy sweet smell.

Thomasina visited Padstow

I was at the last remaining traditional Mayday festival in the Celtic world that goes back possibly thousands of years. The festival is in Padstow, Cornwall. It was really exciting and very special to be there.

The maypole

Unite and unite,

and let us all unite,

For summer is a-come unto day...

The Old Oss emerges from the Golden Lion pub, returning to the streets of Padstow after a 3-year slumber.

Nora J (currently in North Yorkshire)

tuned into the Holy Well at Tara at noon and invited anyone to join in the Global Spiritual Wheel and feel the energies of that beautiful space.

Sat looking at the wide expanse of beach at Marske we watched people feeding the crows, who were obviously expecting their lunch from local dog walkers. The gulls did not get a look in as the crows pecked amongst the sand for their treat.

The coconut aroma of furze on the moors filled the air while a rainbow enchanted the land and us.