2021 - Bealtaine with TC

Marta messages - I tried keeping it "easy" and "possible" for everyone, so here goes:

Use (if possible): Red candle (if not possible, yellow, green or white) - Other optionals given in the text

Goddess: Frigg:

Possible meditation music: “Isa” by Wardruna

A Beltane song to share: “Walpurgisnacht” by Faun

Not exactly Beltane, but wonderful: “Federkleid” by Faun

Marta's altar and Fire Fox

As Marta says, the page and photos are so much more colourful than the weather and mood has been this Bealtaine.

A montage of Spring flowers in Anne's garden

Pat's Centre
Jackie included a Basil plant
May 2021 and frost visits most mornings.

Louise shares this photo of her garden in Derbyshire.

Nora J in Derbyshire

Linking to the green and red colours that Marta suggested I looked around for ribbons, cloths etc. and then realised that the plant from the Hill of Tara had just flowered and was what needed to be acknowledged. Thinking I would photograph that for this website I felt drawn to look at my photo archive and this one from 30th April 2020 drew my attention.

Yes, the need to bring in the past year seemed important.

A curious Bealtaine experience this year, spread over 30th April to 5th May.

I felt to meditate with Marta's words 3 times. The first connection brought up the sword Excalibur rising from a lake in mountains, the second time I was floating out of time and space above a mountain pasture of wildflowers - this was unsettling because after finishing the meditation and doing the usual, and normally workable, grounding techniques, several hours later I felt as if part of me was still in that space. That cleared overnight and the third meditation took me to a lake from which a white bird rose into the sky. This last experience seemed to be a needed balance with the energies of the rising of a Phoenix from the fire. As Bealtaine is a fire festival, bringing in the emotional energies of water struck me as a new, contemporary twist, on the old traditions.

Marta's Plan for the Day

Since we all have to spend the celebrations more or less separately it may be sometimes difficult to find the spirit, the mood, to actually celebrate.

I have been inspired to write this meditation since this is something everyone can do to connect – the candle connects all of us, the meditation is a personal lighting of fire and empowerment. The meditation is written as simple as possible, to make it accessible to everyone.

If however you’d like to do something a little more elaborate you can set up your space in a nice way that you feel comfortable with. The colours are mainly red and green, the Goddess who will accompany you is Frigg – anything that inspires you to add to your space. 😊

Please feel free to do *more*. Set up some nice food and drink to enjoy afterwards and to share a little (leave some outdoors as a gift / thank you to Frigg. If you wish to leave something specific for her, mead, honey, anything sun, crane, etc. related).

If you have a balcony or garden and wish to mark the day somehow, set something up – a simple thing to do is to put some ribbons (red, green…) on a shrub or tree that you specifically like.

If of course you can actually light a fire in your garden and you feel like dancing around it – absolutely do so. 😊 The more, the merrier!

IF you feel uncomfortable to work with a Goddess or to call on Her on your own, you can do this meditation without doing so. Remember it has to feel right for you.


Settle down whichever way is comfortable for you and breathe deeply, slowly. Until you feel relaxed, your mind is at ease.

Light the candle, being aware that you’re lighting the fire of Beltane and that you’re connecting with everyone else doing this today.

Ask Goddess Frigg to be with you, to accompany you, guide you and welcome Her.

Relax and begin your journey:

You are in an area where spring is still touched by frost. You walk on slightly frosty, icy ground. The air is clear and refreshing and you sense spring, but for some reason you feel a bit of a stand still surrounding you.

You however are the one walking onwards. Watching the landscape, taking in what you see.

You feel Frigg’s presence like a warm embrace, maybe you see Her.

You come to an area of water. A pond, a lake, maybe the shore of the sea.

You find a spot that you like and you settle there. Gazing into the water that is fresh and clear you remember the past weeks, the past months – you let them pass by quickly. No lingering because you are moving forward.

And then you come to the NOW. Right here, where you’re sitting by the water.

Look around you, the frosty ground, the cool water.

There is a rune that stands for *Ice*, it’s called Isa and represents the letter *I*. It also stands for a frozen state, a standstill. It may represent many of our situation these days – stuck in what is happening right now in our world, stuck in waiting for things to become safer, better, to regain freedom.

But Isa is also a “break”. A rest and a chance to look within.

Also remember: Ice melts. At some point it does melt and then it nourishes the earth or flows like a river onwards. There is always, at some point, change and in this, always hope and light.

As you realize this, the frost begins to melt away and reveals rich green grass. Flowers pop up here and there. Birdsong intensifies until it’s so joyous it may well make you laugh.

The air is warmer and with the warmth your body relaxes, still wrapped in Frigg’s presence.

Hold your hands over your solar plexus (Chakra) – there lies your strength, courage, confidence, happiness, health and balance. It radiates in bright yellow – let it shine as much as it can and radiate the colour outwards, surrounding you, feeling warm and wonderful.

Cup your hands and a flame rises from them – it is your own growing strength, courage and happiness and also hope.

Frigg now is in front of you and you hold out your cupped hands, asking Her to bless the flame and so she does. And with Her blessing the flame grows hotter and bigger and brighter, like the Sun.

This is you – whatever has happened, whatever is happening now and whatever will happen in the days to come: This is you, your bright flame, your own strength and joy. If ever in doubt – do remember this.

You can step forward as the seasons change and you can walk in your own fire. Let your own light fill you with hope and joy and inspiration. If you allow it to, it can empower you anytime.

Hold your flame to your heart and thank Frigg for Her blessing.

Now as a last step, gaze down into the water and look at what is revealed to you – watch as long as you need. It is your very own message of this day and could be anything.

With the warmth of spring and your own flame, with the memory of what you’ve seen, close your eyes and breathe deeply until you are ready to *come back* from your journey.

Ground yourself well and write down your experience.

If possible, let the candle burn (safety first though. Alternatively relight it whenever you can and wish to. Let it burn down completely until the next Celebration.).

Have a good drink and enjoy your food and leave a little outside as an offering.