2019 - Light - Dalgan Park

A lovely day yesterday in Dalgan Park for Beltane. The theme was Light. We gathered together at the carpark.

happy awareness,
and keeping it simple,

were some of the words shared yesterday as we walked in silent mediation, using the senses as we went into the woods.

After sharing our experience, to find each one of us had similar stories to tell, we came to see how we are all connected, even to some who were not there but were tuning in.

We then shared food for a picnic on the grass with good conversation and laughter, seeing old and new friends and sharing what we learned in the day.

Notice the heart under the sun shining through the leaves.

All the while the sun was shining.

The light representing the fire of Beltane, and bringing that light within, we all took a candle as a symbol of that light.

With coloured pens we wrote positive words, that came to us in the woods, on our candles. They remind us of times when we get a little lost in the woods.

The intention to light that candle as a reminder of the light of our soul, the sharing of our experience on our meditation, but most of all how we are never alone.

The candle was used as a vision board with words written on it to represent our visions and dreams...

and in our times of self doubt we light the candle to remind us of our light within.

Our soul.

Our dreams, goals and desires.

The flame is our light.

A focus to bring us back to the moment.


Many blessings, love, light and gratitude, Bernadette Mac, 5th May 2019.

A blessing Susan sent -

Bernadette says:

'it was so in tune with what we were doing,

as I said to use all the senses in the woods'

Pat read it out.


Inspired by this picture of Dalgan Park trees Bernadette shared this Quote for the Day:

Support -

We all need support from time to time,

it gives us great strength.

Do not be afraid to ask and receive blessings.

Tuning in from a woodland in Ayrshire, Scotland.

It was a beautiful, peaceful, bright day. Fresh leaved trees, small blue violets, red primroses in their last springtime flourish and gently swaying delicate bluebells joined in with the cheeping of birds and a soft breeze. About 9pm the sun set in a blaze of orange and red just north west of the Isle of Arran, a distant blue hillside. Nora.

Dalgan Park Nature Walk, (St Columban’s House), Navan, Co Meath

Situated three miles south of Navan on the R147, the old Dublin Road.

The nature walk comprises five acres of parklands and woods,

Dalgan Park is the home of the Missionary Society of St. Columban in Ireland. It is a retirement home as well as a centre of activities.