2023 - Lucent - Connect

There is no public face-to-face get together but we can gather in the ethers and Connect.

Energies for this festival seem to be lasting all week from 21st September culminating with Michaelmas and Full Moon on 29th September.

Suggestions for the energies include wild, detoxing, beach, preparing for winter, and the auto-correct of lovely into lucent. The latter means glowing with or giving off light, eg. the moon was lucent in the background. From Anne and Pat:

Pat in sunny Spain

Martin's Altar in Galway

Jackie's equinox altar

Bernadette Mac in Meath...

has inspiration for the weekend, the full moon and equinox... Review, Reflect, ReUnion....

read more at the link. Full Moon Celebrations archive


Focus on the list you have made going forward. Say thank you for your past experiences. Become one with your own soul. Shine your light and just breathe.quote: The past is like looking in the rearview mirror. It is okay to glance and see how far you have come but stare too long you will miss what is right in front of you .


Full moon blessings to you all - And a belated autumn equinox.


Her altar. She has been focussing on detoxing, sharing that detoxing happens from the inside out and the other way around as well. This is an auspicious time to do so.


Saw the moon reflected in Dublin Bay on the 29th September

Nora in Derbyshire, England

At 7pm heavenly yellow orange lustre fades to black and the land turns away from the sun. All is quiet. All is still. Woken at 7am by a clamour of busy twittering as the sparrows organise their day.

A 'flock' of 6 or 7 young bluetits twitter amongst the hawthorn. This seems a bit late for fledglings. They tap, tap, tap around the wooden windows and along the mortar lines. Maybe looking for little spiders. Long tailed tits weave amongst the rose hips, not ripe enough to eat.

Tawny owls are vocal as we rest in bed, calling to each other across the rooves.

What a fabulous year for butterflies, finally. But no bats.

Squirrels prance and dance along the walnut, pear and apple trees, sitting on the slatted fence, keeping a look out.

Neighbourly cats patrol, weaving their way through the jungle of abundance that occupies the garden.

Day resolves again to night and, in the closing glow, all is at rest.

Louise in Derebyshire

What do you see in the clouds? Leviathon? Duck?