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Time and again, we celebrate these changes in our environment.

We notice that our lives often reflect change happening in a cycle.

As I mature I think, I have been in this situation before.

I look back and see the pattern of my life. Humans love finding patterns.

First celebration of 2022 - Imbolc

With the current Covid restrictions it is unlikely that we will hold a face to face gathering... watch this space for more information.

Brigid's Cross - origins, examples.

Candles - Brigid's candle

Sharing a candle to bless each individual with light of Brigit, goddess of fire, to invoke the fire in our lives and in our land, using whatever blessing came to mind such as:

“May the fire of Brigit light your way... May the fire of Brigit warm your heart... May the light of Brigit inspire your mind"

Colour - The country of Ireland is often referred to as her green mantle. In legends Brigid symbolically spreads her mantle over part of Kildare and claims the land for herself and for her church foundation. Those on the land come under her mantle, her protection and it is a blessing to be placed faoi bhrat Bhríde sinn (under Brigid's mantle).

Brigid in Ceremony - symbols for the centre focus could include: Brigit patron of Fire in the Hearth (candles),
the brave and bold leader of Spring (snowdrops), fertility (polished egg), mysticism (crystals), Christian and pre-Christian (cross) and healing (Bhrat Bríde).

Inspired Verse from Bernadette, NoraJ, Pat, SusanC, Martin and Jackie

Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light, at the frosty threshold when you are reborn, beckons a new life, a new hope, a new dawn.

Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,
I bring healing to all tonight.
For in the morning light,
Your inner fire will burn bright.
Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,
Our greatest joy and happy delight,
your kindly warmth cold bones excite.
We thank you this winter's night.
Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,
May your fires offer guidance to help ease our plight,
May your dew bring us healing, of body and mind,
May your blessing remind us to be loving and kind.
As we raise our faces to the sun
We give thanks for all the work that's done
And still the year has yet to turn
And as you place your healing mantle around us tight
We honour you, Brigid, Imbolg goddess, lady of light.
Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,

Fold your arms around us,

Keep us in your sight,
We honour you, Brigid, Imbolc goddess, lady of light,
We pray for your care both day and night.
Keep all your children safe and bright,
always within benign sight.
In our hears we pray you dwell
to keep our spirits safe and well.
Kindle in us your love to play
so that we may relish this your day.
With your fire burning bright,
there is no challenge our hearts can't fight.
Goddess of healing, Goddess of light,
Brigit of Eirann we keep you in sight.

Bright light

Brigit bright.

Brigit might

Brigit mantle

Joining in at a Distance....... Global Spiritual Wheel

Pat has explained this perfectly:

For those tuning in at a distance a non-denominational, universal lattice of spiritual inter-connecting love.