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Summer Solstice 2018

One of the ceremonies on the Hill of Tara this Summer Solstice - thanks to JA for the photo.

(if you are not familiar with the stories connecting Tara to Egypt, Tea Tephi and the Ark of the Covenant, you will find lots of info by doing a Google search, then make up your own mind)

tara 2018


Summer Solstice 2018 - Ahakista, West Cork - Celebrate the Sun with a Song of your Heart

This year's Summer Solstice celebration is in a beautiful location in West Cork.

Date: Sunday 17th June


Venue: Ahakista, West Cork Ireland.


Time: 11am (& sunrise for those who can). We will meet in the “Arundels by the Pier” car park at 10.30am.

There will be an initial ceremony at sunrise for those that can make it but the main event is at 11am.

All attending are asked to bring:
3 pink roses
All the crystals you can
A song and/or musical instrument
A towel (for drying feet after a walk in a river)
Wear white clothes if possible
As usual, some food and drink to share afterwards


Cork Summer Solstice

 After a mindful walk through the woods, we will come to a river where we will take off our shoes and cross to the other side.

We will make a heart from all the crystals and connect the deepest Earth (crystals) to Mother Sun.


All of the Elements will be involved in the ceremony and people are asked to bring something small and symbolic to burn in a cauldron.


We are asked to share some songs before the ceremony (perhaps online through Facebook etc.) so all can join in the singing and fulfill the Theme of the day: “Celebrate the Sun with a Song of your Heart”.

To drive to Ahakista, head for Cork City/Bantry (depending on where you’re coming from), go to “Durrus” and from here, take the L4704 to Ahakista (Signs for “Sheeps head walk”).


All are welcome, young and old, and it might be an idea for some who have far to travel to plan an overnight stay. It has been suggested by the host to check out accommodation AirnB etc. in the Sheeps Head area rather than Bantry which can be more costly in the summer season.

Do join us for this wonderful celebration to mark Midsummer time – you won’t regret it!




Photos from the event


2018z 2018a
2018b 2018y



21 June 2017 - Hill of Tara - Let the Sun Shine In

For this year's Summer Solstice, we are meeting at the gate onto the Hill of Tara on Wednesday 21st June at 7.30pm... and then we 'll pretty much go with the flow and see what happens!
  Our theme is:  "Let the sun shine in"  -  An "Open Heart" celebration - a spontaneous sharing.  You may feel prompted to bring song, verse, dance, short story, symbolic item, flowers or food.  Or, often it is just to stand or sit in silence which may be as profound and meaningful as any organised formal ceremony.   As always this is a free event and all are welcome.

Other events on Hill of Tara 21 June - Yamann will lead a small ceremony at the well at 11.30am on Wednesday 21st.  -  Coscan and musical guests will be in action on Wednesday 21st June at 7.00pm in the church (Visitor Centre).  -  With good weather there will be many many people on The Hill today including a Drum and Gong ceremony 8pm


Thanks to Pat for these photos of the Botanic Gardens, Wicklow
IMAG2435 Untitled


On the day:

No pictures were taken at our get together.   It was very busy on the Hill of Tara...  crowds out enjoying the sunshine.  Some met at the gate and headed westward, looking for a quieter, calmer place.  To cut a long story short, they followed a rabbit, and that took them to a lovely little clearing!  They connected with the Summer Sun energy and brought it into their hearts to hold and sustain them through the year. A Heart-warming exercise.  Finally they all sang Let The Sun Shine In!

Thanks to John A and Pam for these pictures of the evening crowd on Tara
solstice tara a solstice tara


Thanks to Marta, Dana and Daniela for images of their solstice at Mnajdra temple, Malta
solstice at Mnajdra temple solstice experience


Impressions on the day from Nora ; Summer solstice 2017 burst forth with a vibrant gusto not heard in recent years. Sound waves reverberated over the land - music, voices – shouts echoing through the valleys, over the beaches, through the woodlands. People were out, in nature, celebrating the high season with zest and zeal. Fom a red sunrise exhilarated by the low drone of ancient instruments at Grange Stone Circle, Loch Gur, to the sunset skirl of bagpipes at Uisneach and gongs and drums on the Hill of Tara the day passed in an energetic cacophony of sound. Across the lands humans were prompted to make noise.  In the Peak District, England, the recent days of overwhelming hot and humid weather gave way to a storm, rain pelting down, rattling the flags, battering the plants, drumming up its own symphonic concert.


What was it all about? Why were we drawn to make so much noise, to see the dominant colour red, to wear red, sometimes balanced by blue, or combined into purple. It seems to be the season that's in it. Even the sunset conspired in the sensational red theme of the day.


And when the sounds died away into the night? A stillness came upon the land. We could now contemplate the coming winter, listen to the natural world and what messages it had.


This red hollyhock brought forth a beautiful summer flower (thanks to Tom for the photo). The name and colour reminds me of the perennial legend of the Holly and Oak Kings. At summer solstice the Holly king takes the reins, usurping the Oak, and rules up to mid-winter. He is often depicted wearing red (up-dated as Santa Claus). These two ancient archetypes recall the duality, interdependent, balanced aspects of winter and summer. The take-over of one to another is often referred to as a battle, and what are battles if not noisy affairs, stormy and highly energised, intense and a little disorientated, followed by a calm.  At Summer Solstice this year it seems to me, we did not seek to do what our ancestors did, we went deeper, seeking what they sought, enacting a 21st century version of a centuries old wisdom.


(PS some would have it that the King's change-over happens at the Equinoxes... well, that enigma is part of the riddle and mystery of life...  whatever suits your current theory is just fine!)


solstice 2017 hollyhock




 and more red flowers - thanks to Pat Went into the garden to create a centre and found nature had already done it

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solstice feather


Mid-summer day -  St John's Day - 24th June - Marta, Dana and Daniela visited the Tarxien Temple in Malta

themes of Summer Solstice continue....


tarxien temple malta


And from Malta to Navan.

Beside the labyrinth some wild bees decided to build a nest by harvesting huge quantities of earth and moss. The nest pulsates like a heart and the runway from such nests has a tendancy to point north so the bees can sense the weather (so I'm told)


ground nesting bee


The little hill below is made by the bees

ground nesting bee nest


And the Bees are partial to the marsh orchids flowering for the 21st

common marsh orchids


19 June 2016 - Bective - Create with love your journey through life and gratitude to Mother Earth


Solstice lasts for about 5 days...

and over that period Sunrise in Dublin area 04.57 sunset 21.57 (9.57pm).

Actual Solstice moment is 20 June at 23.34

Full Moon is 20 June 12.02 (Dublin time)

(On the June solstice, the sun reaches its northernmost point and the Earth’s North Pole tilts directly towards it, at about 23.4 degrees.)


Create with love your journey through life and gratitude to mother earth...

Sunday 19 June 3 to 5pm Bective Mill B & B (outside beside the river Boyne)

Sunday 19 June sunset on Hill of Tara

Monday 20 June 8 to 10pm Bective Mill B & B special Meditation & Healing Circle (inside).


Message from our Master of Ceremonies - Bernadette.


Hi all,


It's that time of year again, Summer Solstice, and this year it will be done in 3s...

19 June – start 3pm - The first event will take place in Bective Mill just beside the abbey... and the theme is:


Create with love your journey through life and gratitude to mother earth...


and again a minute silence for peace in our world.  For all those who wish to tune in like last year please do.. we had connections in UK, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Egypt and many more...

This year we will be creating a Mandala on the ground, beside the river Boyne, on a leyline to the Hill of Tara.


Now the Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. The Mandala appears to us in all aspects of life, the Earth, the Sun, The Moon, and obviously the circles of life encompassing friends, family, and communites. Mandalas are used for meditation purposes allowing the individual meditating to become more one with the Universe.


So on that day we will be creating our own Mandala with an intention of your own inner thought but we will be creating it together as a group on the leyline connection to Tara. There will be a base for the Mandala in which I was guided to put down for people to work around with their intention and I will speak about this on the day.


So I ask you to let the flow of the energy of the place and Mandala come from deep within oneself as we do this in a meditation state.


What I need to ask you to bring with you on the day is something flat that you can sit / lie on, such as a coloured cloth. Also, for your part of the group Mandala, a flower, sea shells, ribbon, something will call to you, and a colour. Set with your own intention on the day.


It has been said that when creating a Mandala there has been a feeling of lightness, intuitive thoughts may arise. Relax and let the thought come into you - the aim is to let it float with you just like the river along side.


I will explain the meaning of the colours of your choice you bring with you on the day.


So enough said, come along and see and experience for yourself


Also if it rains we have permission to go into the Mill and do the Mandala there.


betive 1Bring food to share and soft drinlks on the day as we will have a picnic in the area where there is lovely seating.


We will also be having a Open Heart where you are welcome to sing, say a poem, read a quote or just be. All these events, in my experience, go with the flow on the day.


Later on, if you wish to, go to the Hill of Tara to sit in silence to watch the sunset ,,, sing, dance, drum, or just be ,,,


So the Mandala and viewing the sunset from the Hill of Tara are the two things on the Sunday.


The 3rd is in the same place following on the Monday evening at 8pm. Our weekly meditation and healing circle held by another Bernadette in our Meditation space at the Mill. End time 10pm.

So looking forward to seeing you all on the day and following evening for those who can make it, and all those who again join in from the UK and all over The World to tune in for One Minute Silence for peace, wherever you are over the time of the solstice.


Greetings to those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrating Winter Solstice, and wherever you are have a fun, wonderful Solstice time.


Bernadette's experience of the day:


On the day people said that they found doing the mandala very peaceful and full of love. Creating something so beautiful and having to let it go was an experience. A different type of letting go. That was also my experience and felt faith and trust in doing so. Also the peace in the mind when working on it and most of all the open heart tied in with it... all about trust and letting go and being thankful.


On the Monday evening at the meddy the bond was still there. Myself and Bernadette shared - she did meditation and I did the healing circle, and the funny thing was we nearly dressed the same, red shoes and cardie.


and from someone who attended the gathering:


'we contacted Bernadette some months ago as we would be holidaying in Ireland at Solstice and wished to join in with a group to celebrate Solstice. We certainly were not disappointed. Bernadette made us very welcome. Great thought had gone into the celebration...


Bernadette had set up a mandala... which allowed us to meditate on our thoughts. It brought everyone together and focused on the beauty of Mother Earth, and the stillness of the earth as we approached the changeover. As part of the mandala we also held a healing circle and we gained and gave healing to each other and Mother Earth. A wonderful experience carried out with honour and respect by everyone involved. Altogether a great experience and we hope to meet again at another time.'


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Dana, Marta and Daniela at the Mnajdra temple on Malta


The light T on the stone behind us is what shows up at the Summer Solstice there. The temple would have had a roof and would have been dark, then the light would have entered - just like at Newgrange (ok, kind of), but it formed a T, or an upside down L, gradually, and then slowly would drift back down onto the ground and out again.


The same, but on a different stone, happens at the Winter Solstice in this temple. And it has 2 "happenings" for the equinoxes, too.
Mnajdra is high up near the sea - in the middle of nowhere, situated in a big area where you can just wander, explore, relax, meditate... Also the temple Hagar Qim is nearby (just a small walk, you visit both temples when you visit there via the visitors center) which also has a *light show* for the Summer Solstice (but only for that one)
It was a wonderful atmosphere and to me it felt like the temple itself was being charged - we were there for seeing it happen. We'd visited the day before and other energies were working then, also with *us*. The Solstice was for the temple itself. That at least was my experience.
The staff there were wonderful and always eager to tell us that there was plenty of coffee, tea, cake and bisquits.
Also, in case anyone would be interested - the summer solstice is something you book online, get your ticket and that's that. I don't know if there's something for the winter solstice and the equinoxes as well, but one lady of the staff talked about those and had attended them, so maybe...


Mum Me Daniela Mnajdra

Tuning in from England on 19th
Tuning in 2016 from Bakewell

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