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24 March 2018 - Fourknocks - Sunny Side Up

Thanks to Susan, Anne, Pat, Heather, Nora and Treechild for the photos

sp eq 18

This poem was created by those present (in body and Spirit!) :



Spring Equinox 2018 by Tara celebrations


Spring is here and Light triumphs again.

Peace and joy to all on earth.

Rebirth and growth Mother Earth

Into now.

Now is our time.

Growing and glowing.

Empower your soul -

Quest forth into the dawn of arrival.

Uranus is rising.

I look forward to summer -

Nests being fastidiously created.

Open your heart to all that is light -

Xciting times are always with us – OPEN!

My son is April.


Meet at Fourknocks at midday on Saturday 24th March. (Those who wish can meet at the Seamus Ennis centre, The Naul, at 11.00am for a cuppa beforehand).


sp eq 2018


All welcome as we come together in community to celebrate the turn of the season.


To bring -

Wear something brightly coloured, a scarf or something.


One or two hard boiled eggs.


If you have eggs of any type – marble, clay etc, and you’d like to put them in the circle while we do our ceremony, please bring them  along.


We’ll do open heart – if anyone has anything to share, now is the time – a poem, a thought, a song, an oster egg…or bunny.


sp eq 2018 a


 Brighter days are on the way!

Saturday named after Saturn, god of karma and time. It’s time for agriculture and creativity, fortune and hope.


The moon is in it's first quarter on Saturday, with full moon on 31st March - time to take action and plant what you want.


Plans are made for changing of course, subject to situation and conditions on the day.



We will enter through the portal to the centre of Fourknocks, open our circle, lighting the candles for each quarter as we call in the elements, starting appropriately to the East – direction of the rising sun, of dawn and rebirth and increasing light.



We are coming out of the days of darkness and into increasing day light, we will acknowledge the darkness, and let go of that which no longer serves us – taking a pinch of salt and putting it in the cauldron and as we do so, symbolically let go of any negative thoughts or habits. Contents of cauldron will be buried with the intention of releasing the negativity- if anyone wants to take the contents to do that, they can. (Being careful of where as salt can damage plants etc)



With our (hard boiled) eggs we will hold them and reflect on what we want to bring in and welcome into our lives, and whatever symbols come to mind, draw them on the egg/eggs. If it’s raining or too cold or we just feel like staying inside, we will put the eggs into the basket (the only time it’s good to put all your eggs into one basket!) and pick one (or two) out – you may not get the egg you put in, but whatever you get will be the appropriate one for you – trust it is so. Hold on to the egg/s and when you get home, plant them in the garden to release the energy over the next while.


We will also talk about Easter/Ostrara, the eggs, the hare, the light returning.



We’ll close the circle and thank the energies and the energies of Fourknocks and go out through the portal to greet the light and stretch into the sunlight...


... and roll the eggs down from the top if weather permits,


Close circle, chitchat, and maybe back to Seamus Ennis to complete the circle and have another cuppa.


If you are unable to attend in person you might like to boil an egg, put symbols on it that carry your intentions and bury it, joining in with the energy of the get-together, or simply light a candle.


Everyone's experience is different, the northerners moving into summer, the southerners moving into winter, but wherever you are, have a wonderful turn of the season.


sp eq 2018 centre
sp eq 2018 centre d sp eq 2018 centre a
sp eq 2018 centre b sp eq 2018 centre c


Our Host's comments


As I made my way to Fourknocks, I saw a tourist van driving down the road, I knew it was going to return the key, so I followed and we did a quick exchange - I thought I was going to be late but as usual, things flowed, really have to learn to trust more...


Fourknocks had been visited by someone who left a beautiful offering, which I left where it was, didn’t seem right to put it on our altar, a lovely rose and a magnificent crystal, and a bough from a tree.


13 of us entered and formed our circle, opened to the directions , center, Mother Earth and those who could not be with us but were with us?...


We talked about Ostara, goddess of the dawn, and spring, whose symbols are / were the hare and eggs. Ostara represents renewal, rebirth and regrowth. The days are getting brighter, and the darkness of the days is behind us as the cycle of the year turns, as it keeps on turning.


We thought about what we wanted to let go of, we took a pinch of black salt, and put it in the cauldron to burn, with our intention of leaving those habits or thoughts behind, letting it go.


We held our eggs and thought about what we want to bring in, and drew symbols or words that had come to mind. Any eggstra eggs were put in the basket, passed around and we all took one, not knowing what symbol would be on it but whatever it is, is relevant for us at this time. To be taken home and buried, to release the intention to the multiverse.


We then had Open Heart, we had our own rock band, picking up stones from the ground, and getting into the groove, acknowledging the earth, and sort of singing...... a few jokes, some attempts at singing by some of us, a few poems, some lovely words, and of course the chocolate eggs which were appreciated by the youngest member of the gathering. We all took home our eggs, and some chocolate eggs, and eggs which had some phrases on them but had come off in the excitement of being brought up to Fourknocks.


Here are some of the phrases, pick which one you like!!


Bloom where you are planted.

One day ...or day one... you decide.

Hope. Renewal. Light.

You can.

When nothing goes right, go left.

Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.

Life is short, buy the shoes.

Dust settles. You don’t.

A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.

Spring, a lovely reminder how beautiful change can be.

New beginnings.

Happy days.


One of the beautiful message eggs




The energy of Fourknocks is always welcoming and I really felt a connection to the energies. I enjoyed the day, I enjoyed the ceremony, I love the peaceful energy of Fourknocks, magnified by all the people on the day. I felt very connected to the Earth, and to All to the Great Spirit, and we all felt uplifted and happy, it was one of the first days you could really feel the warmth in the sun.


We went back to the cafe and had some food, and said our farewells. Time to let the ceremony settle and remind ourselves to tune in to the energies of the equinox.


sp eq 2018 b


sp eq 18 outside a

sp eq 18 outside b

sp eq 18 outside d
sp eq 18 outside z
sp eq 18 outside e sp eq 18 outside c


 sp eq 18 end


and a photo story thanks to Pat


Our host at the entrance to Fourknocks chamber

Our Host at the entrance to Fourknocks chamber

Rose petals, crystal and log

- a gift from a stranger (was there when we arrived)

Rose petals and a crystal - a gift from a stranger (was there when Susan arrived)

Centre piece for the ceremony...

Centrepiece of the ceremony a

 Centrepiece of the ceremony

Eggs, symbols of fertility, in a basket

Eggs symbol of fertility in a basket

Composing our poem after the ceremony

Composing our poem after the ceremony

Empty chamber

(leave only footprints take only memories)

sp eq 2018

Opening in the mound from inside (with rose petal on bottom of grille)

Opening in the mound from inside (with rose petal on bottom of grille)

Stairway to heaven...

Stairway to Heaven

and a heavenly sun...

A top Fourknocks

View North

Views from the top of the mound (x 5)some nice cloud shots there!

View South

Two views of the landscapes S

Views from the top of the mound -

Views from the top of the mound (x 5)some nice cloud shots there!b

some nice cloud shots...

Views from the top of the mound (x 5)some nice cloud shots there!a


Essenial re-fuelling at Seamus Ennis Centre at the Naul after expending all that spiritual energy...

Known by the initials TC we have realised that Tara Celebrations is all about Tea and Cake




Img 0148

ferns burren 2017

Thanks to Anne for this verse

 © Anne Newman

Things are moving,

Springing along.

Two steps forward,

Hearing birdsong.

The Music for the spiral dance.


Buds near bursting

Frost-cull strengthening

Earth is warming

Days are lengthening

Hares are doing their Mad March prance.


Smiles all around as

Light is growing

and Nature is Stirring

a deep-felt knowing

that Summer days advance.



It is a 'late' spring this year with snow in March in England, Ireland and Canada

Bird tracks and wing marks in the snow in Derbyshire, England.

bird tracks


birds wing

Dog and human explore a Meath garden

sp eq Pat tracks

sp eq Pat tracks a



thanks to Treechild for sharing these Canadian tracks


deer track




cougar a





Fisher Cat

fisher cat







Snowshoe Hare

snowshoe hare


19 March 2017 - Clogherhead - Balance, Equality & Tolerance


Message from the Host

Tara Celebration's Spring Equinox celebration will be held at Clogherhead, Co. Louth at 2.00pm on Sunday 19th March. Meet in the public car park near the harbour (Port Oriel) - (on the north side of the bay) - at 1.30pm.


The themes of the day will be Balance, Equality and Tolerance.


As usual we will begin our celebration by opening a circle and calling in the directions and elements but on the day, as well as meditating/reflecting on the above themes, we will dwell awhile on those initial acts . What does it symbolise? Why are we doing it? The fact that elements were an ancient symbol of balance will be discussed as well as psychologist Carl Jung's use of elements to describe 4 basic human psychological states and how they need to be balanced in order for us to lead more harmonious lives.


All are welcome to join us as we Celebrate this time as our ancestors did before us. Bring eggs, flowers, seeds and anything else that symbolises Spring Equinox for you.


We will have an "open heart" section as usual where anybody can contribute anything they feel appropriate to the occasion. Remember we will be outside, on grass, by the sea, near a cliff in Spring, in Ireland...so dress appropriately! Bring the kids too but note we will be near some rocky terrain by the sea.


Don't forget to bring something to eat, drink and share as we always finish our celebration with a feast (or coffee and cake at least).


If you cannot join us physically you can of course "tune in" Spiritually. (Let us know where you are in the world and we'll remember you during our ceremony - including the Southern Hemisphere which is celebrating Autumn Equinox at this time).


Click here to see information on the geology of Clogherhead




Equality: Tolerance:

"Equinox" means "equal night" in Latin and this time of year is when there is equal light and dark in our days. So the "Balance" theme is obviously a reference to that.

However, we will also be looking at personal balance in our lives; time, work, family, leisure etc.

In researching this special time of year we discovered that celebrations have been ongoing through all ages by all peoples of all beliefs and none. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists (& PRE-Christians, Muslims, Jews & Buddhists), Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans, Native Americans, Celts, pre-Celts, Wiccans, Pagans and more ALL celebrate/celebrated the Spring Equinox.


All are acknowledging at this time the return of Light, Fertility and Hope to our lives. Men and women, animals and plants, even the Earth itself seems to rejoice in this wondrous time of renewal and rejuvenation.  Equality through the ages, beliefs and species all right there.

Speaking of the Earth, we have a reminder in Clogherhead of how Nature creates REAL borders which last for millions of years - unlike the lines that we as humans insist on drawing on maps.

Clogherhead marks the site of a collision of two continental plates millions of years ago - the evidence of which can still be seen today. These events took hundreds of millions of years and this knowledge could act as a catalyst for us to embrace and spread tolerance in the world today - here and now.




Proposed running plan - note this can change on the day 


The reason I asked to host Spring Equinox 2017 is that I hosted the Autumn Equinox 2016 – when we bid farewell to the light – so now we can welcome the light back into our lives. We also remember at this time those who are “tuning in” energetically from other parts of Ireland, all over the world and from other realms.


Clogherhead marks the site of a collision of two continental plates millions of years ago - the evidence of which can still be seen today. (Note layout of rocks beside us!).


There is a feeling of transition about today: Dark-Light, Death-Rebirth, Land-Sea, Continent-Continent, Outside the circle-Inside the circle. (More about that later).


Themes of Day: 3 Themes; Balance, Equality and Tolerance. (“B E T” appropriate in Cheltenham week!)


Opening Circle/Calling Directions & Elements:

We begin as usual by opening the circle and calling in the Directions/Elements

Spirit of the Earth, Guardian of the North, You ground us and feed our connection to the earth. Be with us now to be witness and guardian to this celebration. (Thank you for your presence at our celebration).

Spirit of the Wind, Guardian of the East, You fuel our imagination and give us creativity. Be with me now to be witness and guardian to this celebration. (Thank you for your presence at our celebration).

Spirit of Fire, Guardian of the South, Your power leaves me in awe, I am comforted by your flame. Be with us now to be witness and guardian to this celebration. (Thank you for your presence at our celebration).

Spirit of Water, Guardian of the West, you are our pathway to the Goddess, you bring us peace. Be with us now to be witness and guardian to this ritual. (Thank you for your presence at our celebration).

All: Spirit of energy that surrounds us. Be with us now to be witness and guardian to this ritual. (Thank you for your presence at our celebration).

Let us pause awhile and reflect on why we do this...


The circle:  There are symbolic resonances to opening a circle. It can mark the space between the worlds – our mundane, run-of-the-mill world is left outside the circle while the spiritual, higher consciousness world is inside.  The circle can also be seen as a bubble...we are surrounded by energy that protects us during our celebration. Another thing opening a circle does is it focuses the attention and raises consciousness.


The Elements:  We can pay equal attention to the four elements that we have invoked to help us today – as the Ancients also did. To them, the elements were a symbol of balance.  The psychologist Carl Jung used the 4 elements to describe 4 basic psychological states:


Sensation-Earth,  Feeling-Water,  Thinking-Air,  Intuition-Fire


He felt that we need to balance all of these qualities to lead more harmonious lives. So meditating within the circle – with the 4 elements – can hopefully produce insights on personal changes leading to balance in all aspects of our lives; Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical; Work, Family, Friends and Ourselves. (Short meditation follows)...


Reflect on what we’ve just done: Did anything come up? What “seeds” can we sow NOW in our lives that we can reap the benefits of in autumn?


Open Heart: We now invite anyone present to contribute to the proceedings as they see fit. (Possibly with a poem, song, some thoughts, activity etc.)


Close the circle: (Ref “Opening Circle” above).    Thanks to all for coming. Share food and drink and enjoy!


sp eq 19317a sp eq 19317b
march 2017 1591a
sp eq 19317 sp eq 19317c
 march 2017 1585a
sp eq 19317d sp eq 19317e


This beautiful crystal was a gift handed from a Shamanic healer to a relative of the current holder.

 She felt strongly to take it to the ceremony and passed it around the circle at open heart.
It is a powerful stone and she knows it is with her for a good reason.

march 2017 1586a


Our Host's comments:


We met in Clogherhead on a wonderful dry - and mostly sunny - Sunday afternoon. What followed was what one of those present described as "simple yet powerful" as we completed everything as planned in the preview.


The circle was formed - our "bubble of energy" enclosing us in a special space which both separated us from the outside world and allowed us to indulge in our special celebration where we shared a lot together as well as time spent in individual, personal reflection.


Within the circle we had symbols of the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The Crystal represented the energy/ higher consciousness which among other things, connected us with those not present but tuning in. The Crystal Tree of Life was made at a workshop given by our friend Eileen (RIP) and represented those that have passed on/higher realms.


During the open heart section poems, crystals and lavender were shared - particular thanks to the person who recited a poem of gratitude which was passed down orally from generations within their family.


After the ceremony finished, there was a distinct reluctance by some of us to leave, we lingered in that beautiful spot for a while before adjourning to the local Chinese restaurant where we laughed our way through a delicious meal.


All in all, a wonderful day where we sowed some personal seeds - hopefully to be reaped at the next Autumn Equinox at the Holy Well, Hill of Tara in September.


Thanks to all who turned up on the day and also to those who were there in Spirit - your presence was certainly felt.


sp eq 19317g sp eq 19317h
sp eq 19317i sp eq 19317j


Daffodils in full radiant glory - Castleknock, Dublin


sp eq 2017 castleknock sp eq 2017 castleknocka


Below: First Spring Gentians of the Season at Lough Avalla in the Burren 11 days after equinox


gentian burren 2017


Below some hearts tongue fern unfurling for Spring


ferns burren 2017


 A splash of colour from the dog violets


violets burren 2017



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