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30 October 2016 - Gormanston - Good Spirits

Many thanks to Pat and Susan for the photos.

Honouring the ancestors and remembering those who have passed.

Entrance doorway through which many pass, then gasp in wonder A matriarchal tree oversees the hidden inner space
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After the doorway the option of two paths

A natural cathedral
IMG 0388 IMG 0387
IMG 0398 IMG 0383

 There was a great sense of calm

IMG 0384

IMG 0380

IMG 0399

IMG 0385

Central light, apples, conkers and the symbolic Goddess of Tara made by Marta.

IMG 0386

Hawthorn berries hung like jewels on the bushes

IMG 0392

Gormanston Castle Exchanging greeting waves
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 A cuppa afterwards - essential.   Between the chatting we looked upwards - wonderful cloud formations.

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IMG 0379


Comments from the Host:

The main feeling I got was one of peace and protection inside the cloister.  Perhaps those intertwined branches felt like the ancestors protective embrace and how we all are connected and linked together. The entrance reminded me of an old beehive. Again, connecting with that feeling of community that was inside.

The sunshine outside and the sounds of children playing, but once I stepped inside I definitely felt that I was in a special place. It was one of those feelings that you have to be there to experience.

I could sense the peace and calm that was in the group and found it very soothing. All in all a lovely way to connect with the ancestors, and loved ones who have passed.

And from one of the participants:

When we walked through the entrance to the Yew Cloister, it was like entering a different world - a world of quiet, peacefulness and reverence. We found ourselves in a natural cathedral whose Cloisters were made entirely by the intertwining branches of the magnificent Yew trees. We found ourselves a spot within this wonderful space and opened the circle for our Samhain celebration. We shared poems, music and then dispersed for a few quiet minutes of reflection as we rambled through the trees.


Interestingly, given the day that was in it and the tradition of the Yew being associated with Ancestors, I followed a path which led to a small graveyard at the back of the Cathedral.

When we returned to the circle some shared the experiences of their reflections and then the ancestors were remembered and honoured. It was during this that I realised that as people of all ages passed near our circle, they went quiet as a sign of respect to the strange folk in a circle in a clearing. No judgement, no jeering, just reverence - as if they sensed we were involved in continuing a tradition that our ancestors have been involved in for thousands of years.

When we finished we adjourned to the steps of the college for our customary tea and cake in the sun... plus a wonderful chat of course. Our Samhain celebration was at an end - another wonderful experience with friends... and the ancestors of course!


And in Switzerland, Marta and Dana celebrated with friends

Table decorations. Much chatter and laughter and the extensive use of a tiny little spooky sound machine (cackles and screams and ghostly sounds).


Our ritual included the Morrigan and Horned God, also acknowledging Cailleach, Hecate and Cerridwen. For once nobody had wanted to be left out.


Loo roll bats


Ancestor's altar






31 October 2015 - Clearing a path for the Wisdom of our Ancestors - Loughcrew

ancestors family tree (tree image courtesy of somaywebe.com)

Any one attending is asked to bring clear quartz crystal for part of the ceremony, which they will be able to take home.

Weather permitting a walk up to the cairns.
The celebration will centre on aligning ourselves with our ancestors.
We will meditate to focus and clear any energies that need removing.
The group will write any words or messages received onto paper.
The crystals will be cleared and energized.   Clear pure intentions will be put into the crystals to assist the ancestors to bring their wisdom to us.
A path will be created using fallen leaves which we will walk through.
A   channel will be cleared to allow for the crystals and intentions to be placed on the path to create the wisdom energy.
Open heart - Tea and treats!

 The narrow winding route up to the Centre and Hill is beautiful in autumn colours.


Loughcrew centre2

Loughcrew centre4

Signs to the Megalithic Centre at the car park at the entrance onto Loughcrew Hill -

the white buildings at the Centre have their own car park, but are only a short walk down from this roadside car park as well.

Loughcrew centre


Loughcrew seat



This memorial reminds us that what is conceived between Autumn Equinox and Samhain is born next Summer Solstice.


  In Memory of Mick Tobin (1918 - 2011) - Child of the Solstice

George R Knight - June 2008

We left you dancing at your party,

surrounded by your friends and neighbours.

Speeches tugged at heartstrings

a life well lived described with eloquence.

You danced a jig before us all,

years slipped away.

A young man looking out on a long future

That old devil Father Time tied,

trrussed and helpless in the corner,

His presence not recognised.

The Old women became like the young girls

they once had been in your presence.

They tilted back their heads

grey locks became the golden hair of Youth.

All life spread out,

a feast to be enjoyed and we are dining still.

We jested, laughed and sang

and still enjoyed the power of The Hill.

When you were conceived ninety years ago

the Cairn on Loughcrew

With sunlight filled -  the Autumn Equinox.

A child of Summer Solstice born and

that sunlight around you shining still.


Loughcrew steps


These steps take you up onto the Hill.

If you want to meet the ethereal Cailleach there, and the weather is good, some will meet and walk up 4pm on 31st before the gathering at 5pm

Walking up the hillside as the light fades

loughcrew berries loughcrew walking up


Cairn T in the Samhain sunset

 samhain15 004

Cairn T

loughcrew 311015d

Loughcrew landscape

loughcrew 311015e

Loughcrew Samhain sunset

loughcrew setting sun

samhain15 003

Inside the Centre, the path is set up for the wisdom of the Ancestors

loughcrew inside


Turnip Lanterns


thanks to Anne N ©

for these photographs of her carving

31 October 2015

 http://www.taracelebrations.org/download/pictures/samhain_2015_onwards/turnip_lantern_2015.jpg  http://www.taracelebrations.org/download/pictures/samhain_2015_onwards/turnip_lantern_2015a.jpg


From Marta - They were in a woodland near Zurich

We called on Hekate and the Horned God, on the time of this season, blessed the past year and welcomed and blessed the upcoming year, let go of things that shall not follow us into the new year and made wishes for the new year.

Then we remembered the past ones and shared stories and memories. It's interesting - the circle tends to become somewhat cooler, or a person or more feel a bit colder during this sharing. It was a very mild and warm evening and when mentioning one person I felt cooler air surrounding me for a while.

marta samhain 15a


marta samhain 15


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The information is drawn from years of Tara Celebrations reports and information.


Each TC ceremony is run in awareness of the dominating energies of the current cycle, leading to an accumulated wealth of experience. We observe the festivals and attune our lives to seasonal changes. We cannot avoid the fundamental reality that we are effected by the place at which we live on earth.


We shall, by discovering time qualities, enjoy what adds flavour and spice to our lives, expressed as physical phenomena, mental attitudes, emotions we undergo and spiritual intentions. For example, we find that Samhain is a good time for introspection and planting the seeds of new projects, allowing them to germinate over the winter months. Beltaine, on the other hand, is a time to embark on projects requiring courage and energy.







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