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Sunday 29 July 2018 -  Loughanleagh, Co. Cavan - The Higher Ground

loughanleagh 2018 c

Meeting at the picnic area. Park there and walk up the hill to the summit past the pylons.

Back to the seats for tea afterwards.

Special views from up there and it has the history of holding Lughnasa festivals.


Meet at 12.30 in the Bailie Hotel in the centre of Bailieborough for those interested in a bite to eat first - does a good Carvery lunch.

The hill is very close to the town.


Thanks to Pat and JA for photos of the day

lughnasa 2018 e

loughanleagh 2018 a

loughanleagh 2018 d

loughanleagh 2018 b

loughanleagh 2018 g

loughanleagh 2018 h

loughanleagh 2018 f

loughanleagh 2018

lughnasa 2018


Photos below taken on a  visit Autumn 2017...  

signs on the road from Kingscourt...  continue driving up to the site from these


Parking on roadside -

at info boards and picnic area.

loughanlea a

Large mast on top of hill

loughanlea b

Picnic area

loughanlea c

View from The Higher Ground

loughanlea d


Lughnasadh 2017 - Fingal - An Meitheal

Sunday 6 August at an allotment garden in Eastern Ireland -  Before and After


before and after


The raised beds reappear, some plants are retained and others removed.


Jerusalem artichokes, raspberry and blackcurrant bushes will provide future harvests.


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allotment 1


With intentions for friendship and fun as well as giving a helping hand, Lughnasadh 2017 sees local people, who regularly get together as Tara Celebrations, sharing their skills, helping out at an allotment, clearing overgrown plants and generally tidying up, as well as having a fun social gathering.


Thus our theme this year is 'Meitheal' – a practical Irish tradition when folk gather together for mutual co-operation and support. Particularly useful at harvest time when many hands make lighter work of gathering in the crops, nowadays this tends to be applied to any work team of neighbours coming together in the community.


People attending will need outdoor clothes and tools if they have them. And if you can bring food to share that would be great. We will bless the land, bless the people, work and then feast, sharing inspiration and laughter.


Folk unable to attend in person might like to share in the Meitheal energies in a two-fold celebration, one very personal and one not so.


Firstly, have a meal on your own, focusing entirely on the food. No TV, radio, phone, tablet, book or newspaper. Just mindfully prepare and eat the food thinking of what went into producing it: from Mother Nature herself to the people who work in the modern factories that may have produced it, to the folk involved packaging it, transporting it, selling it. Think of the plant /animal involved... kind of focusing on a modern day "harvest". Be grateful to all involved.


Then reflect a bit on you own "harvest"...what have you achieved since the Spring time, if anything? What would you like to achieve NEXT harvest? etc.


Secondly, the other facet of this celebration involves organising and sharing a meal with family / friends. Again, no phones, TV etc. We don't have to tell them the purpose of the get together, just enjoy a meal - the fruits of the harvest - with people close to us and celebrate community, friendship, family. It might also get people to realise that modern technology is not the be all and end all of life today... Plus, it may get people to realise the joy of sharing a meal together; conversation, laughter, sorrow etc.

Then go outside (possibly brightened by the nearly full moon today) and enjoy the long, bright evening hours, because before the next celebration, they'll be gone.


Lughnasadh 2016 – Burren, Clare - A liminal transition



Dia diobh a cairde agus cead mile fáilte go dtí Lughnasadh ar an Buireann.


2.30pm 30 July 2016 at the Burren, Co. Clare


There are four main doorways of the year. Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasadh. This doorway we are about to enter brings us out of summer and into autumn. It is a liminal time of the year with a typical mix of warm sunny days mixed with wet autumnal showers. Flowers have passed their peak and the fruits and berries are ripening. It is the harvest of the first fruits and early grains. In our own existence it corresponds to energies where we start to reap what we have been putting our efforts and time into. It is a time of pilgrimage, putting effort into travelling to holy sites and to be out of our comfort zone and opened to new intriguing possibilities.


gentian burrenflowerswild thyme burren

Above: Spring Gentian,sea campion ,Wild Thyme on the Burren


This year Tara Celebrations is on pilgrimage to the Bóthar na Mias on the edge of the Burren. I hasten to add this is the holy site and not the housing estate of the same name!


The celebration encompasses a strenuous but meditative walk over broken rocky ground. There will be seven stops for Lughnasadh reflections and then we arrive at the place of ceremony where we will create sacred space, call in the directions, cleanse with the 5 elements, acknowledge and reverently bid adieu to the summer by burying a flower. We then face a new direction(west) and call in the energies of Lugh. We attune ourselves by lying on the vast flat limestone pavements and listening to the story of Lugh. We will use story elements to claim and proclaim our own inner harvest by walking through a door formed with pilgrim staffs and announcing our tallents. We share the harvest grains adding blessings to the handful of grains as they are passed around the circle. There will be of course time for meditation and open heart so do have your party piece ready. Finally we will share in a traditional meal of bread, Barm Brac & holy water from St. Colmans well.


lughnasadh 2016

Pat's Shadow, like Lugh, looms over our centre .

Air at the top has some hazel leaves to represent the whisperings of wisdom in our lives, Fire (Right) is represented by the candle flame in the lantern. Water (Bottom ) is represented by holy water from St. Colman's well. Earth is represented by the Tourmaline Crystal. And the Centre is represented by the bell, first fruits, herbs and grain (from a crop circle).


IMG 5923




All are welcome to our non denominational, inclusive celebration.


2pm Meeting at the Wild Atlantic Way Filling station on the main road N67,just outside Kinvara. Follow in Convoy about 7K to Eagle Rock car park where we will walk the last 2 miles on foot.


Dress appropriately for the weather and bring strong boots and a walking stick as the ground is both rough and slippery in places.


As you will be in the National Park you should not pick any flowers as some are very rare and many take 7 years to bloom.


If you feel like extending your stay for the Bank Holiday there are B+Bs, a highly recommendable hostel/hotel (Kinvara Guesthouse) and a hotel in Kinvara.Kinvara is a gateway onto the Burren, an ideal overnight location and base to explore.


One of the Orchids on the Burren


burren orchid


Comments from a participant:

A spiritual, mental, physical and emotional energetic pilgrimage which stretched us and enriched us in ways too many to mention.

From meditating in the cave of St Colman to hearing our heartbeat echo in the rocks as we lay on the Burren,

from hearing the legend of Lugh to laughing and dancing like children,

from an inspiring meditation to an equally inspiring walk through a doorway to declare our true selves,

this was a magical, spiritual, holy, fun, physically tough celebration never to be forgotten.


lugh6 3072016 lugh2 3072016
Landscape of the Lughnasadh Ritual Liminal landscape rocks
lugh4 3072016 lugh8 3072016
Landscape that inspires awe Clints and grikes
lugh7 3072016 lugh1 3072016
Magical Bothar na Mias with imprints of the legendary horses  hooves Hazel, Orchid and Bloody Cranesbill
lugh3 3072016 lugh5 3072016
Entrance to the Cave of St. Colman Mac Duagh St. Colman Mac Duaghs Oratory
burren 2016 088 burren 2016 079
In contemplation at St. Colman's bed Pilgrimage treking
burren 2016 090
Lying on the sun baked limestone tuning into Lughnasadh energies
lugh 3072016

We took a pilgrimage walk to Bothair na Mias and stoped seven times to contemplate: the soil, the plants, the animals,the insects, the rock, the ancestors, the destination.

burren 2016 093


burren 2016 083



burren 2016 094




Martin’s experience of the day.

I feel that this was a blessed day, a special day, a day when everything just seemed to click. There seemed to be a genuine wholeness that bubbled through everyone  and a willingness to enter and hold sacred space.

The location was beautiful and  perfectly supportive. What worked (for me) was the meditative walk with 7 stops. It helped frame the proceedings nicely.

We also did a 5 part cleansing using Hazel leaves to cleanse with the air. The Hazel is the tree of wisdom and grows profusely here.

-Flame from the candle to cleanse with fire.

-Water from the holy well to cleanse with water.

-Black tourmaline/schorl  to cleanse with earth. This is a favourite self cleansing, hard working, highly electrical crystal.

-And Ether cleansing using the sound of a Tibetan singing bell with a long hum.

We all went into the meditation quickly and the ritual of entering the doorway seemed hauntingly powerful.

At one point a sí-gaoith took my notes and dashed them down a deep grike. Undaunted it quickly became a game of lunacy, fetching the paper  with two walking sticks used like chop sticks. This added another aspect of Lughnasadh which was associated with fun and frolics.

However, the highlight for me was the enthusiasm of the dedicated folks that came from Dublin and Meath to take part. It was an honour to host and I hope those who participated (in spirit) will visit again and again in fond memory.

Marta and Dana were in Switzerland

We tried our hands at making straw dollies...
straw dollies
and courage pouches because we used the text of the warrior as a main theme. We had worked on creativity, talents, etc. in Malta, on Gozo, at the Ggantija temple where we went on Lugh's day, (See Summer Solstice 2016)  so we did something there.  It felt like Lughnasadh should be about the warriors within this year, so this was our theme, including a meditation on that.
 courage pouches
Flaming Lugh and candle

 Lugh and candle





In eastern Ireland Cerys played amongst wildflowers at a lakeside. Such a riot of colour...

and in England bees buzzed around the buddleia.

lughnasadh bee at 2pm 30716

cerys lughnasadh 30716


And a Lughnasadh sunset - looking westwards from the Lia Fail over the Midlands Plain


and the sacred landscape where so many Tara Celebrations gatherings have been held.


lugh tara 2016


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