Hill of Tara Landscape : St John's Well

Celebrated on Midsummer Day - St John's Feast Day - 24th June.

There is a curious legend attached to this well in Warrenstown. It is said that John the Baptist, in the Holy Land, struck a rock with his staff. 

The point of the staff came out at Warrenstown and the spring gushed forth.

st johns well steps

st johns well head

st johns well head 1

st johns well chalybeate

st johns well marta

st johns well1


st johns well stream st john stream


mandala destruction
st johns well cherry tree1 st johns well cherry

  st johns well cherry tree

st johns well sun symbol on tree

st johns well snail

A sun symbol is formed by shadow patterns on the left side of the montery cypress trunk....


and a yellow snail's shell expresses the golden energy that is often warming this place.


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