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5 May 2018 - Derravaragh, Westmeath - Blessings on Bealtaine

Lake Derravaragh (meet in car park past caravan park) at 1pm.   Bealtaine 5 May 2018 is at 13.13 - halfway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.

Bealtaine is a time of clearing the dark and of welcoming the warm sunshine of the season, into our lives. A time to celebrate the growing season, our creativity and blessings.

We will open the circle by calling in the directions.


bealtaine 2018x

We will "beat the bounds", a Celtic custom of walking the area around our land boundary to mend fences and relationships.

We will imagine our own boundaries as we walk the land to clear and strengthen them.

Using a small piece of a Yew tree dipped in the fresh waters of lough Derravaragh we will bless the land.

Yew is associated with our ancestors and so will we call on them to aid our intentions.


Creative activity time: When we are all seated on the picnic blankets we will each make a flower wreath from Ivy, flowers and ribbon to wear or to hang within our homes over a door or window for protection during the coming year. We will use mainly yellow and green. Yellow to acknowledge the warmth and light of the sun. Green to symbolize plant life and our spirit self. We will bless the wreaths with the yew and water.


bealtaine 2018xx  bealtaine 2018xxx bealtaine 2018a


Picnic: It is time to celebrate our gathering together, the growing season and our own creativity. We will have a feast to eat of whatever we have brought to share with each other, including song, dance and stories. We will bless the feast with the Yew and water.


Closure: We will close off the directions with thanks and gratitude for all the blessings we have received this day.

What to bring: flowers, food/drink to share and your dancing shoes!


and after soul food, always feed the physical...


bealtaine 2018y


And what actually happened on the day as recounted by the Host, Bernadette -


The ceremony at Lough Derravagh started with a gentle breeze under a clear blue sky, it was 25 degrees and beautiful.


We had a peaceful secluded spot, surrounded by Beech, Holly and Oak trees, their newly sprouted leaves shining beautifully in the sunshine.


There was a sense of fun and mirth within the gathered group as the ceremony began. After we called in the directions and welcomed the spirit folk I cleansed all present with a piece of Yew tree that I had collected from the graveyard where my paternal family are resting and water from the Lough. We cleared our own boundaries and any relationships that we felt needed a little extra help by walking and meditating among the trees and plants.


derravaragh landscape
derravaragh landscape b derravaragh landscape a



We followed this by sitting on the picnic blanket and making a wreath. We used Ivy, berries, flowers and ribbon.


We took some photos of ourselves and our art work. This brought about lots of laughter, silliness and stories from our childhoods. This flowed into an open heart where one of the group generously sang a song they had composed themselves, "Circle of Sun". A song about nature,the seasons and the beauty of life.


We finished with a picnic of home made delicacies made lovingly by the talented Pat.


After closing the circle and giving thanks for a wonderful ceremony, we went to Weirs pub in Multyfarnham for some much needed nourishment and more chat and fun.


The chorus of "Circle of Sun"

For around it turns the wheel of the year,

Spring flowers fall, when the summer is near,

Circle of life, beauty-rebirth comes clear,

Join the light, when the blossoms appear.


You will find the full version of the song at Visions and Dreams - click here


Bealtaine blessings, Bernadette


in a circle (above and below) capturing the essence of the day

looking at the ground

lying on the ground


some joined in at a distance - it was sunny at Snowdon in North Wales as well




30 April 2017 - Hill of Tara - Bealtaine

On the day we had a small crowd of 6 which was a nice group, it was wet and windy, but we managed.  There is no photographic record this time.

Pre-meet message from the Host:

We will make  our way down the hill and over to the left.

Open up the circle as usual.

Talk about spring and what it means for us as beings as in growth, strength and our mystical side incorporating the story of King Lir and his love of his children.

I will follow with a visualization of childrens games,songs and generally having fun. 

I ask everyone bring along a symbol to remind them of a happy time as a child.

Open heart (fun/child like theme) -   Close circle 

Picnic - Please bring food/drink to share, something to sit on and dress warmly.  Remember you will be walking over possibly wet grass so sensible shoes are a must.

Wishing everyone a wonderful afternoon, wherever you are, and greetings to those in the Southern Hemisphere going into Winter.
Below:  May Day flowers from the Scottish Borders
bealtaine 2017 bealtaine 2017a
bealtaine 2017b bealtaine 2017d
Bernadette shares this photo  taken in Sherwood Forest, England, at Beltane
Beltane in Sherwood Forest England
For Bealtaine eve, Martin visited The Glen in Sligo, a lush green rift in the rocks below Knocknarea, a secret valley about 10m wide and 20m tall.
The Glen SligoFerns in the glen sligo
A fossil greets you as you enter the glen.
memory of stones, fossils
On Knock na Rea in Sligo is Queen Mave's grave with awesome views of land and sea, Truly a goddess landscape personified.
IMG 20170429 175014

8 May 2016  -  St Ciaran's Well, Castlekeeran, Nr. Kells - Nurturing Abundance

Thanks to Pat, Martin and Bernadette for the photos


Old records suggest that the ancient Irish calendar divided the year into two, the dark and light, 1st May being the first day of summer (light), 1st November the first of winter (dark). Thus at Bealtaine we say our final farewell to the lingering cold nights, and watch the plants flower, promising good crops as all life flourishes in the warmth of longer light filled days.


But we can not stand idle, waiting for the harvest at Lughnasadh. There is much we can do to activate and aid the successful growth of those seeds we planted earlier in the year. Good gardening and farming practice of watering, feeding and protecting will bring forth an abundant harvest, enough to fill the stores for the coming challenges of next winter.



And this applies just as much to human life as it does to plants. Working with the energies of the cardinal directions, the elements and the season, at this gathering we feed and care for our growth and wisdom, nurturing ourselves for our own abundant harvest. We shall energise our intentions with water from 3 healing wells: Round 1. St Brigid's, Faughart. Round 2. St John's, Warrenstown. Round 3. Holy Well, Hill of Tara.   These waters have been infused with Bach Rose essence under the New Moon (6 May): Bach information says that this Rose essence combination holds the vibrational frequency of unconditional love and will take you deep within your own heart chakra to connect with the infinite source of love held within. Allow it to help you expand the spark of Divine Unconditional Love within your heart chakra and connect you more fully with the radiance of your true self.  We shall finish by combining all with water from Ciaran's well, which is celebrated at Lughnasadh, that all intentions obtain a wonderful harvest.   Open Heart – share picnic food & drink.


Nora's experience of the day

As Master of Ceremonies there were items to be collected before the day, most importantly and central to the gathering being the 3 well waters.  A friend and I went to Faughart and collected that first, then to Hill of Tara, but when we arrived at the third, St John's Well, Warrenstown, the gates were shut (very unusual) and we felt it would be intrusive to enter.  Thus overnight I anguished over what was to be done - knowing it would all be ok, but still concerned that the main plan was now in need of change.  In hindsight consideration that the theme was abundance should have told me all was OK.  At the event one person brought 3 (that number again!) year old water from St Brigids Well at Uisneach, and visitors brought water from Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, and a spring under a brewery in town.  We had an abundance of water....

There had been snow falls in Ireland and the UK the previous weekend, and snow was still clinging to the hills of Snowdonia in North Wales.  Thus it seemed appropriate that after gathering beside the Stoneyford River we crossed the bridge, releasing the last of those lingering winter energies that we did not want to carry into the summer, using the remnants of sticks that had been used at last Autumn Equinox to make sun symbol God's Eyes.

8may2016 - name
8may2016 - bridge 8may2016 - winter sticks and scallop shells


8may2016 - rattle

An abundance of sound from rattle and bell was shared around the group and and we also had an abundance of sunshine as we centred on our unique selves within a garland that had been blessed by Amma, the hugging saint.  A symbolic Bhrat Bride was then placed in the centre.

8may2016 - bell

8may2016 - amma garland

8may2016 - amma garland and Brigids cloth

Each poured water in their scallop shell and carefully walked a mini pilgrimage, using the energy to nurture the abundance in their lives.

 scallop shell pilgrim

8may2016 - blue guitar


Blue skies above us, blue 'love' words hanging in the tree, the blue of the guitar that accompanied our pilgrimage, the blue hues of a dandelion....  

and the blue theme continued when Bernadette shared the story of the blue basket (made by Eileen) filled with an abundance of food.


8may2016 - blue love

8may2016 - blue dandelion

8may2016 - blue basket

What a special place this is.  Magical moments occured throughout, including the lone bee that flew round the circle when the poem linking to the Pollen Path legends was read.

On the hillside stands the altar

8may2016 - top of the hill

View down to the well from altar

8may2016 - looking down at well

sun in the well gift to the waters


Thanks to Marta and Dana for sharing photos of their Bealtaine get together

There's the altar with Herne and Freya and Gaia and the Maltese Goddess...       There's cake ...  

There's the cauldron that carried wishes and letting go-s away...

Also blended water from 3 wells: one Swiss, one from Malta,

and the Chalice Well of Glastonbury and added rose petals and rose oil,

divided among themselves, so they can use it as a blessing water.

1Beltane2 1Beltane4 1Beltane3
4cakesprinkles 4Beltanecauldron2


1 May 2015 - Fourknocks - May Day Celebration

Thanks to Marta, Susan, Martin and Nora for these photos.

We welcome the elements of Fire,Water, Earth and Air.

South - Fire

4knocksetc 067

West - Water

12 west-water

North - Earth

10 north-eartha

East - Air

9 east-altar2

 Bealtaine is strongly connected to the dialogue between the Goddess to the God and back again, a woman and a man,

the male and female principles within each one of us, and we shall share in that.

4knocksetc 066a

4knocksetc 042 4knocksetc 069

4knocksetc 060a

4knocksetc 068a


Spontaneity seems to be a keynote of the day so, as always, there will be the unexpected, no doubt!

4knocksetc 072

Mind your head - the entrance has a low lintel stone!

4knocksetc 051

13 on top

Teatime and everyone enjoys the sun and views to the north -

Newgrange behind hill on the left and you can just make out the Irish sea on the right

14 tea time



4knocksetc 056

The Symbol for the day - drawn by Marta

UPDATE Beltane 2015 Fourknocks - Copy

Sheela na Gig of Tara.
We brought the flowers that had been on the altar in Fourknocks to Her - it seemed to be right and the right place to put and leave them.
We had used water from St John's well for the Water-themed part of the ceremony.

So it was a connection brought to Fourknocks and then back to Tara again. We came with water and we left that and brought flowers.

tara-sheela tara-sheela2


Some had enjoyed lunch at the Seamus Ennis Cafe in The Naul beforehand.

 Nativity of Our Lady Roman Catholic Church, The Naul, Fingal

Harry Clarke stained glass windows

4knocksetc 075

4knocksetc 076 4knocksetc 077


Tuning into the Mary theme in the Scottish Borders - May Day snow on the hills above St Mary's Loch and Megget Reservoir

Megget Reservoir May Day

 and Bealtaine energised sunset at the Labyrinth St. Finbarre's Cathedral, Cork

St Finbarre's labyrinth 29415

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The information is drawn from years of Tara Celebrations reports and information. Each TC ceremony is run in awareness of the dominating energies of the current cycle, leading to an accumulated wealth of experience. We observe the festivals and attune our lives to seasonal changes. We cannot avoid the fundamental reality that we are effected by the place at which we live on earth.


With each issue we shall journey through the wheel of the year,  Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn,  Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasadh,

informed within the two Solstices and Equinoxes.


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