We do not seek to do what they did, we seek what they sought.

insight gained at Fourknocks Neolithic mound


Information on current activities, and archive reports, for gatherings in Ireland and like-minded around the world 

Next get together :

Lughnasadh - 10 August 2014 - Hill of Tara - 3pm - Long Road Home

Running Order :   Intro at the gateway – Walk to site of ceremony – Connecting to earth meditation – Welcoming the Directions – Connecting to Tara and Lugh - Triquetra walk - Open heart contributions – Close directions - Feast.

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barley roberts cove


Corn Lady handmade by Elaine Lindsay of Something Corny, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

lughnasadh corn lady


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Weekly Meditation & Healing Circle

Monday evenings at Bective Mill, Meath, Ireland

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  Holistic Day - Saturday 9 August 2014

holistic flyer

This is our gift back to ourselves for all those who have been to Monday Meddy nights, whether at An Tobar, Tara or now at Bective Mill.  Also those that have supported Tara Celebrations activities and events over the years.


The intention for the day is Creative Meditation, combining our own hand made items, with talking and demonstration.


Lunchtime will be an opportunity for everyone to get together for a meal.  Even if you cannot make the workshops you are welcome to drop in and share in the day.


All welcome.


There will be no charge for the day.



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We want to know numbers to work out amount of materials we need to provide.




The Week Ahead

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The Week Ahead - 30 June to 6 July 2014  (Thanks to Marta for these insights)

DSCF6012Mon. 30.06. Nothing specific

Tues. 01.07. end of Mercury retrograde! Celebrate! :

Wed. 02.07. ideal day for travel, both close and far, no matter if train, car, bus, plane, donkey... You're safe to travel and you will arrive well. :)

Thurs. 03.07. Day of Goddess Cerridwen. In connection with that, because it's Thursday, ideal day for fertility doings. Symbol of the day: Pig

Fri. 04.07. Nothing specific

Sat. 05.07. Polifugia - Roman celebration of God Jupiter. Ideal for Money-doings of any and every kind. Or check Him out for other ideas. :)

Sun. 06.07. Self-development, beginning of the Spanish celebration Los Sanfermines - a celebration of happiness, of being happy! If you've lost your happy side, look for it, ask to get it back, search for it even in little places. If you are happy, be even happier, alone or with friends, whatever makes you the happiest. :) There's a lot going on during this Spanish celebration (for a couple of days) and it includes something that I regard as negative (saying this in advance, in case you google it).


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Summer Solstice 2014 - Saturday 21 June



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Bealtaineapple blossom

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Lughnassadhbarley roberts cove

Autumn Equinoxequinox apples


Tara Celebration's venues

Over the years we have held get togethers on the Hill of Tara and many other places in the Meath area of Ireland.  Dates, themes and places are listed on the Who We Are Section - click here.  For a general idea of the localities we have created this map:

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