We do not seek to do what they did, we seek what they sought.

insight gained at Fourknocks Neolithic mound


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Autumn Equinox - Saturday 11 October 2014

Fourknocks - meet at 2pm

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talking stickSPECIAL EVENT


Meditation & Healing Circle - A Conversation

Sunday 12 October, 2 - 5pm - Seomra Tara, Killeen Road, Dunsany





Lughnasadh 2014 pictures and story

on Hill of Tara.....

lughnasadh centre


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Samhainred berry web

Winter SolsticeThe Christmas Angel at the Well 2010

Imbolcsnowdrops 2012

Spring EquinoxImg 0148

Bealtaineapple blossom

Summer Solsticetara flowers well

Lughnassadhbarley roberts cove

Autumn Equinoxequinox apples


Weekly Meditation & Healing Circle

Monday evenings at Bective Mill, Meath, Ireland

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 The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead - 18 to  24 August 2014  (Thanks to Marta for these insights)

18 aug hipMon 18.08. specifically good for protection work. specifically with Rosemary and using a grey candle (grey as in silver for the Moon since it's Monday. This is asking the Goddess to protect you). Fill the candle with honour and thanks to the Goddess, carve protective symbols on it and add your name, possibly the name of those who live with you - pets included. Oil it with rosemary oil, if you like, roll it then in dried rosemary as well. Alternatively create a protective pouch for yourself (carry it in your handbag, or make it for your car and hang it up there, or for your home - hang it up above your entrance door). So many possibilities!


Tues 19.08. Great for smudging (purifying) your home - easiest done with sage, alternatively lavender or any herb or blend that is purifying. Smudge your home and yourself to get rid of old energies that are unwanted / unneeded by now. Ideally have someone smudge you and you smudge them in return. As for your home: Open your windows, then start by the entrance door, smudge across the open door, then firmly shut it. Then move through all rooms counter-clockwise (as you want to get rid of the energies) - same in the rooms. Don't forget to smudge your phones and computer! Once you're done with a room, again, shut the windows firmly. The energies are gone now and won't re-enter. You finish by your entrance door, where you started. If now you want to re-apply protection to your home, a simple way is to dab cinnamon oil on ever door and window. Again: don't forget your computer and phone!



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Tara Celebration's venues

Over the years we have held get togethers on the Hill of Tara and many other places in the Meath area of Ireland.  Dates, themes and places are listed on the Who We Are Section - click here.  For a general idea of the localities we have created this map:

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