We do not seek to do what they did, we seek what they sought.

(insight gained at Fourknocks Neolithic mound)



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Winter Solstice 2014 - 21st December - Seomra Tara, nr. Dunshaughlin

 Winter SOlstice 2014 tarot card


Walking the white winter path of wonder


This year Tara Celebrations has decided to consciously walk the white, winter path of wonder!


As we have to walk the winter path we thought it would be better to do so remembering that we are doing it as a means to a new beginning.


We are metaphorically moving through the dark womb of growth, heavy with the potential to arrive at a place we want to be rather than simply arrive at a place we didn’t expect or wish for.


To this end We will create a conscious and pleasant pathway to arrive at our personal goal and let our light shine so we can see where we are going and when we get there we want to know we have arrived.



Start times:


4pm   -   if you want to help build the outdoor flour labyrinth


6pm   -   to eat something you have brought


7pm   -   Ceremony Starts

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Samhain - 1 November 2014 pictures and story


Samhain2 - Kopie



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Samhainred berry web

Winter SolsticeThe Christmas Angel at the Well 2010

Imbolcsnowdrops 2012

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Bealtaineapple blossom

Summer Solsticetara flowers well

Lughnassadhbarley roberts cove

Autumn Equinoxequinox apples


Weekly Meditation & Healing Circle



Monday evenings at

Bective Mill, Meath, Ireland


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The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead -6 to 12 October 2014  (Thanks to Marta for these insights)

DSCF7306Mon 06.10. don't do any magical / spiritual work today!!! Though do whatever else pleases you... :)


Tues 07.10. Good day for using oracles... tarot, oracle cards, runes, whatever it is that you use to search for advice, insight, and possible answers


Wed 08.10. Full Moon - the Hunter's Moon. Rituals and doings for protection and courage.


Thurs 09.10. A good day to banish mourning, suffering and similar. It's all about letting go, freeing yourself today. Even if you may have overcome any such situation / feelings, it can still be a very good and freeing thing to actively let go. Today is the day for that. Also, 13 October is another good day for this, so maybe you want to begin something today, that you want to actively work on one way or another, leading up to 13th.


Fri 10.10. nothing specific


Sat 11.10. Feast of the Greek Goddess Demeter. Triple mother Goddess, Goddess of fertility, also fertility of Earth. Any themes connected with Her attributes are specifically good to be worked on today. Also themes around personal projects. Remember - you can ask for assistance, but you can also say a thank you for something that turned out really well for you... or for your veggies garden growing super-well... or for having wonderful (even if sometimes nerve-racking) children... :)


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Over the years we have held get togethers on the Hill of Tara and many other places in the Meath area of Ireland.  Dates, themes and places are listed on the Who We Are Section - click here.  For a general idea of the localities we have created this map:

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